What you need to consider as you raise your FTP, the results from our first time trial, how to organize a busy race season and more in the Episode 153 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast.

Topics covered in this episode

  • How vacation affects fitness
  • How to plan a big ride with friends
  • The best route to take from San Francisco to Sea Otter
  • Nutrition for long rides
  • Chad’s ramp test results
  • Results from our first time trial of 2018
  • How to pace a short time trial
  • How to pace a climb
  • How to recon a course with Best Bike Split
  • What to know about sighting in a time trial
  • How to manage a busy season of racing
  • Is a higher FTP always the solution?
  • Consequences of having a higher FTP
  • Is raw wattage more important than relative power?
  • How to break bad habits on the bike
  • How holding your breath affects your performance
  • What apps should cyclists use while riding?

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