Sonya Looney is a 24-Hour Solo World Champion, multi-time National Champion and legend in the ultra-endurance and stage racing MTB scene. She joined us at 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo to share what she does to train, prepare and execute at a world-class level. Tune in, get faster, and follow Sonya’s racing on her social channels @sonyalooney and through her podcast, The Sonya Looney Show.

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Topics covered in this episode

  • Sonya Looney’s background
  • Where Sonya won her 24 Hour World Champion title
  • When to start eating solid food during a 24 hour race
  • Sonya’s tire choice for 24 HOP
  • Managing Lights for 24 hour races
  • A consistent pacing strategy for 24 hour racing
  • How and where should people be to aid the riders
  • Checkboxes for a team going into a 24 hour race
  • What does Sonya do when she finishes her lap
  • Hydration and nutrition on the bike
  • Pacing using your power meter
  • What to do leading up to a 24 hour race
  • Tips on Stage Racing from Sonya
  • How to recon for a stage race
  • How to adapt to heat during your training
  • How to deal with a bad day during a stage race
  • Strategies for picking a team mate
  • Advice from a pro to a joe about 24 hour racing
  • How winning the World Champs felt

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