TrainerRoad Outside Workouts on Wahoo ELEMNT

You can now complete TrainerRoad outside workouts on your Wahoo ELEMNT!

Since releasing the ability to push outside workouts to Garmin head units, we’ve had tons of requests to do the same for Wahoo ELEMNT head units. We’re very excited to say that is now possible!

How to Set Up

Since Wahoo is actually pulling these workouts from TrainerRoad, the setup is a bit different than all other integrations offered at TrainerRoad.

  1. Go to the Profile section of the Wahoo ELEMNT Companion App and select Authorized Apps. To download the latest version of the Companion app on Android click here and for iOS click here. Also make sure your ELEMNT is up to date and connected to wifi.


  1. Add TrainerRoad as an authorized app. You will be asked to login to TrainerRoad and give Wahoo permission to pull outside workouts.


Scheduling a Workout

Once Wahoo is authorized to pull from TrainerRoad, scheduled outside workouts can be pulled to your Wahoo ELEMNT.

Workouts are “Ready to be pulled for Wahoo” 3 days in advance.


Workouts scheduled more than 3 days in advance will be “Scheduled for Wahoo”, but won’t be available to pull yet.


Starting a Workout

Since Wahoo pulls workouts from TrainerRoad, you’ll need to access the Wahoo ELEMENT Companion App to pull and start outside TrainerRoad Workouts.

Once in the app, select Pick a Planned Workout.


Wahoo will automatically search for, and pull any scheduled outside workouts.


To start a workout, select a planned workout and press Select Workout Plan when your ELEMNT head unit is paired to the app.


The message Plan Loaded will appear on your ELEMNT once the workout has been loaded.


Navigate to the workout screen and you are ready to ride!


Moving Through a Workout

Wahoo allows you to rewind or fast forward to different steps of your workout. This allows you to start your intervals when you are ready, and not just when the timer says to go.

To move to a different interval, press the middle button on your ELEMNT.


Select to either advance or rewind to a prior interval. Press Resume once you are at the interval you wish to start.


For more information on outside workouts visit our outside workouts help center article, or the following forum posts regarding the feature.


First to say: very nice!!!




So do these workouts work similarly to the way Training Peaks workouts work. Meaning, does the head unit take you automatically through the intervals and count you down to the start of interval and rest periods? Or do we have to manually hit the lap button?

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It will automatically advance you to the next interval. Wahoo allows you
to pause the workout and continue to record your ride. So you can pause the workout until you reach your workout location and ready to start. Then just press that “resume” button.


Perfect. I am super familiar with how Training Peaks workouts work, so it sounds like Wahoo works the same way. Perfect.


This is great news, thanks TR.
Is it possible to select an outdoor TR workout on my Elemnt and still ride it on my indoor trainer (Direto), theoretically not needing a PC or Android device and simply using the Elemnt in it’s place?


Just did Dade -1. Super Easy set up and use. Just like the rest of the Wahoo functionality, it just works. Now the hard part will be establishing where to do each workout. PS is it weird to ride along with the brakes slightly on to maintain required power?


Not having any luck getting the workout to my Bolt. All the other steps (authorization, “Ready to be pulled” message, etc.) works fine, just not getting the workout to sync to the Bolt. Will try again tomorrow, but if anyone has any ideas in the meantime, please share. If can’t get it to work tomorrow, I will contact support.

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I just looked at my Wahoo Element app on my phone and TrainerRoad is not listed in the list of authorized apps at all. The app is up to date. Is anyone else having this problem?

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You may need to update the Element app from the App Store. My update just showed up


This is the (iOS) version I have that shows TR as one of the authorized apps.


And there is a new firmware update as well

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I updated and it was there just a few minutes ago. I still can’t get the workouts to download to the app. though. Maybe I have to have the Wahoo computer on as well to make it download.

Hah! Not weird at all :grinning: I’ve also deliberately made myself very non-aero on moderate descents to help hold my target watts during outdoor intervals.

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For what it’s worth, looks like you can sync workouts from Trainerroad directly on the Elemnt. In other words, you don’t have to select and sync planned workouts from the companion app as the instructions above suggest. Just plan an outdoor workout in Trainerroad, then sync directly on the Elemnt from the Planned Workouts page (or from the map or segments page, if you have that enabled) and it will pull the workout(s) over. So long as the Elemnt is connected to WiFi, you don’t even need to connect the companion app to sync workouts.

I have found, however, that I can only pull scheduled workouts two days in advance directly from the Elemnt. Not sure if that’s a glitch or a limitation of syncing outdoor workouts directly from the Elemnt?


Awesome!!! Going to test it out tonight.

“Ready to be pulled for Wahoo” :smiley:

Same issue for me. The workouts don’t pull to the Wahoo app, even with the Element turned on. Perhaps there are still some bugs being worked out.