🎉🎉🎉 Introducing Outside Workouts! 🎉🎉🎉

Just want to reiterate that if you’re like me, you will have to update both the Element App AND the Elemnt itself to get this working. Otherwise, you won’t see TR in your list of Apps to authorize.

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Thanks, Pbase. Planning to have a look tonight when I get home.


just had to steal a co workers hot spot and run down to the locker room to update my element. Its all synced and ready for the ride home from work tonight


I can’t wait to try this tomorrow but called me pedantic if you like but it should really say “now get the outdoor variants of your favourite indoor workouts outside” :joy:

Yep I just confirmed the same thing. No use to me as I don’t do may of the TR workouts this time of year. So I’ll continue to use trainingpeaks until they update further to allow push of custom workouts.

I assume the people that make their own workouts might be small so totally get it. I’m sure they’ll add that functionality soon.


Damn, I just finished my last ssb2 ride outdoors manually lapping today before seeing this! Does that mean I have to do Lamarck again? :champagne:

Which one is best? Garmin or Wahoo for the outside workouts?

did you get it working on your watch?

Haven’t tried either yet, but I was put off trying the garmin on my watch with all the lap pressing. Without having tested on the bolt, it seems cleaner, where you only pause if you want otherwise the workout runs through?

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For what I‘ve gathered so far: Wahoo!

There’s a couple of reasons why TR can’t directly export workouts to head units, and has to do manual intervention on workouts to make them exportable. I have never used Wahoo head units (and thus created workouts for them), but I did a ton on Garmin, so I’ll base myself on that.

The first is the time structure. In TR, all intervals (in the wide sense, meaning all segments of a workout) use a single ending criteria: time. In Garmin workouts, there are three possible criteria: time, distance, and “open”, meaning lap button press. If you straight export any TR workout to Garmin, all intervals will be time-based, as they are inside; this is not so great because it does not give you the flexibility to get to a proper location to start repeats. Hence outside TR workouts use a mix of lap-button-press and pure time-based intervals, to make them easier to use on the road. That change can be partly automated, but still requires intervention.

The second is the presence in TR of “sloping” intervals, where the power demand ramps between two value over the duration of the interval. These are frequently used in TR (most cooldowns are done this way, for example). There is no such feature in Garmin. Export from TR to Garmin involves changing these sloping intervals into constant-level ones, either at the power level at the start, the end or the average of the interval. Again you need to know the context of the workout to decide how a sloping interval needs to be converted, if it’s possible at all.

So I don’t expect that at any point you will be able to simply press a button to send a custom workout to a head unit. This said - it is as easy, if not easier, to create a custom workout in Garmin Connect as in TR’s workout creator. You can simply create the workouts you need.

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I’m not convinced. The only thing I can see being an issue is a sloped interval. Trainingpeaks can do it so why not Trainerroad?

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I believe TrainingPeaks is a ConnectIQ app; TrainerRoad’s using the Workout API.

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Not sure what TP automatically pushes to Wahoo but it works. I know you can manual download the workout as a .Fit, .ZWO, Erg or MRC file.

I export a MRC file and drop it in Workout creator if I’m doing an indoor workout on TR.

I not sure how of this explains why only outdoor versions can be pushed.

TrainingPeaks exports a .fit file, which indeed allows a structured training to be transfered to a Garmin device (in addition to the ConnectIQ path mentioned by @danielm). I’m not familiar with the structured training workout programming in TP, I assume this has Garmin-compatible capabilities, such as defining the end of an interval either based on time, distance or lap button push? And does it do variable-target intervals?

Because of the reasons above. You need to convert some time-based intervals into lap-button presses, and get rid of variable-target intervals to move a TR workout to a Garmin device.

ah, we might be talking cross purposes as I was talking about Wahoo

So last night I did a TR workout outside via the Wahoo - TR integration. It worked great but then there were bugs. I’m running the latest version of software on my wahoo elemnt, Quarq Dfour91 PM is updated to version 10 of the firmware, and my Wahoo HR chest strap has been working fine with a new battery. Mid way through the ride the Power froze, and I dropped both HR and Cadence. I stopped, repaired/recalibrated all units and started again. This solved the frozen power, dropped cadence, and HR. However, the workout did not start up again. I then hit “pause” “resume” and nothing happened. I rode a little further and it finally kicked back into gear. Now I’m not sure how the integration works with TR and Wahoo, but this was very weird. For a long time now I’ve used the TR and Trainingpeaks integration and it has worked great. In fact it’s the same screens on the wahoo elemnt. Just curious if anyone else has run into issues.


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Perhaps the new firmware which introduced the outside workouts also introduced a bug .

I read elsewhere that GPS ‘off route’ alerts have become over-zealous since the update.

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