🎉🎉🎉 Introducing Outside Workouts! 🎉🎉🎉

It’s possible that there may be some back end work on TR’s part to finish the setup.

Yeah thought that might be the case. I’m on recovery week so perfect time to test though :grin:

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I just got the updated Elemnt app on my S9 Android phone. Connection to TR was easy.

No access to my Bolt to test, but I will try it tonight when I get home.

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Showed up on my bolt with app update, bolt firmware update, authorizing TR, and go to workouts/planned workouts, after clicking outdoor ride in your calendar on the TR webpage.

I am in the middle of my workday and already did an indoor session today. Can’t wait to try it later this week!


Where do you authorise TR?

Official Info:

This is a very unofficial guide to Wahoo setup in the current absence of an official guide from TR. I will update as I can and likely redirect to the better TR resource once it is available.

  1. Make certain you have the latest version of the Wahoo Elemnt app loaded on your mobile device.

  2. Make certain you have the latest firmware on your Wahoo Elemnt head unit.

  3. Open the “Wahoo Elemnt” app on your mobile device.

  4. Open your “Profile”.

  5. Scroll down and open either:

    • “Connected apps” (Android)
    • “Authorized apps” (Apple)
  6. Find and open the “TrainerRoad” option.

  7. Complete the user login and authorization.

  8. Open your TrainerRoad Calendar and open a workout for today.

  9. Select “Outside” for the workout and save.

  10. Start your Element head unit and ???


thanks, missed that small line of text to tap on. lol

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Ok, I had no workouts set to be performed outside which is why it wasn’t working for me.


Yeah, you have to have a workout loaded on the calendar, and selected as “Outside” for it to work.


Yeah realised that thanks to @llmonty instructions. Will be trying it out tomorrow evening!


It has arrived!

TrainerRoad late 2019 is a much different looking beast to early 2018 :smiley:

Excellent work guys, can’t wait to see what you do with another 12 to 24 months!


Can we push “inside” workout to Wahoo head unit ?
Or it’s only outside workouts that are pushed to the head unit ?

I hope we can push both ! For now nothing is syncing, maybe it needs some time !

Thank you


@Nate_Pearson +1 inside workouts sync


Often the outside workout is the same as that scheduled for inside so theoretically that could be done.

For sure theoretically, but the wahoo warning only appears when workout is marked as outside !

Yeah – let’s call it a hack/workaround. If you want to do Andrews +1 on the road (or inside, with your Wahoo) set it to ‘Outside’.

Has anyone actually run one of these “Oustide” workouts while inside and gotten direct ERG control of their trainer as a result? That is the real question to me, if it will actually set the power targets like the main TR app does.

But then the original Andrews +1 is not the one I would do. I would do its variant.


I don’t really know what your point is. Andrews +1 outside variant is Andrews +1 from what I can see.

There may be workouts where the variant is not identical. Just do the variant: it’s been chosen for a reason in that it will be a similar type of stress.

Ok, you’re right on Andrews +1, I took it randomly. Sorry

My original question was to push the original workout on the wahoo head unit, not outdoor.