TrainerRoad Outside Workouts on Wahoo ELEMNT

The implementation appears to be so much more intuitive on the Wahoo than the Garmin Edge headunits. Good job and thank you to TR and Wahoo!


Totally awesome. Thank you! And please give the folks at TrainerRoad and Wahoo who worked on this a beer and a raise for adding this functionality. The workout mode on the Elemnt is really nice.


Must sync over the elemnt device not the app … after sync to the device, you can sync from elemnt to the app …

it also works only with the ca app without being connected to elemnt

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Why is this so much better than on a Garmin.


Love this! :smiley: Just started my new plan on TR :slight_smile: Looking forward to do some workouts outside as well :slight_smile:

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It will only show workouts 3 days ahead not more. I marked a workout for this Saturday as outside it did not show, I thought something wrong but it’s a feature. You have to update the app and authorise on the wahoo app then it it will sync.

I’m seeing the one I scheduled on Friday as a workout option in the companion app. Since the post yesterday, I’ve only updated the companion app, authorised TrainerRoad, but I haven’t connected my bolt and I am still seeing it. Albeit that’s with the bolt rather than the elemnt.

You will only see outside workouts, I made this mistake initially. So if you have a workout scheduled in your calendar (and it’s in next 3 days) change it to be the outside variant.

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sry for the wrong information

Awesome! Thanks for all your hard work guys!

Yeah, always had it set to outside. I even tried scheduling an outside workout for the next day without any luck.

Anyway, the sync worked this morning so all is well now. :man_shrugging:

Oh snap! Just went to update my apps and saw this. :tada::grin::biking_man:t2:‍♂

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Tanks TR.

Nice 1 guys.

Looking forward to giving it a go.

Very excited to try this out as well. I updated my BOLT, added Trainer Road as an authorized app, and marked a workout on the TR calendar for Friday and Saturday as outside. Both of those show as “Ready to be pulled to Wahoo”.

However, despite trying to sync from the BOLT directly as well as the Wahoo app I can not get either workout to pull over. I have used TR workout sync in the past so understand the general process. Any ideas? Looking forward to trying this out.

Is your workout planned today ?

I had the same problem on my Bolt yesterday. First thing I did this morning was try the sync again and it worked okay. Not sure why, but I’m guessing the TR-Wahoo server sync isn’t very robust and takes a little too much time.

Just a guess … :man_shrugging:

Friday and Saturday (currently Wednesday) so should fall within the three days window. From bnied’s post above:

Workouts are “Ready to be pulled for Wahoo” 3 days in advance.

I’ll try it again later as it just launched today things may be running a little slow server side.

it stinks i can only pause the workout/rewind/forward from the planned workout page,. not the customer workout page i have …anyone know a work around?

@TonyLPowell can you make sure your ELEMNT has the most up-to-date firmware, and is connected to wifi? When I initially set this up on my device I had the same issue until taking these steps.

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