New TR Feature.... What is @Nate Testing Out 🤔

@Nate_Pearson… so whatcha got cookin in the TR lab??? Exporting TR workouts outside? New way to determine FTP?


TR workouts to Garmin IQ…


There is another link to the workout in another thread, but I’m struggling to find it now.


Can’t wait for this. Its hopefully a lot better than my version of scribbling the workout on my hand. :joy:


after first interval - wipes sweat away from forehead with back of hand
target power numbers disappears - goes home and has a beer


Just so long as it works on The elemnt bolt too and not just Garmin devices


:joy::joy: accurate

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Does Wahoo support 3rd party App Store like Garmin?

If not it seems like Wahoo is shooting itself in the foot - it’s running Android as OS so really no excuse why Wahoo doesn’t support apps.


I’ve no idea if it does or not. Maybe someone else on here will know.

It doesn’t run apps on the device but it will connect to third party sites like Training Peaks, Todays plan for workouts already. Plus rather mapping on Strava or Ride with GPS. Another votes for Wahoo users. Would absolutely be a game changer.


That’s one reason why I returned Bolt and kept using my Garmin 520. I can create road version of TR workout on my phone in a free app, takes about 1 minute (for simple intervals) and syncs to 520.



Forgive me for being gps device non savvy but does this mean it won’t work on wahoo gps units?

Unknown what the compatibility will be yet. It was just a test and people are assuming as Nate rode with a Garmin that it is solely for garmin.


Yup, nobody knows. Wahoo does have integration with TrainingPeaks, clearly it’s possible. Based on what I know it’s easier to get workouts on Garmin because they have an open 3rd party app ecosystem.

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That’s a bit extreme lol…

I use the the ELEMNT, very happy wouldn’t go back to Garmin if you paid me.

Gamin IQ meh… It would take some sorta partnership with Wahoo+TR to get any function combo of the nature rolling. But still am interested in what is in store for us TR Users.

If planned TR workouts (with intervals) got pushed to TP… :innocent::innocent::innocent:


I’ve been following this a bit too eagerly as of late, my guess (based on Nate using a Garmin) is that it would be an IQ app. I was leaning toward a Bolt but if it TR is going to be exclusively on Garmin for now I’d definitely have to get one. I think I’ve been indoors too long and need to get outdoors, I’m getting a little stir crazy!

edit: now I know what it’s like to be one of those youtube people breaking down film trailers for clues and hints about plot details


Writing the workout on white first aid tape then putting it on your stem is more pro :wink:


100% this.

Never had a real problem with Garmin, but understand if you have and wouldn’t go back.

The Garmin Edge 520 isn’t going to win awards for ease-of-use, but I own it, been reliable on over 1000 rides, and Wahoo isn’t that different. The Bolt and Edge 520 are both meh to be honest :confused: one set of tradeoffs versus another.

Free TrainingPeaks account - just tried to build a workout and it let me, but then I couldn’t save and was taken to an “Upgrade to Premium” screen. Seems like TrainingPeaks and Wahoo partnership is more about driving sales of TP Premium, but thats just the cynic in me (I’m in sales and marketing) :man_shrugging: So even if TR pushed to TP, I’m left thinking TP is going to want $120/year for the privilege of pushing to Wahoo Bolt/Elemnt.


Doesn’t need to.