New to TR, question about mixing in outdoor rides

Hey all!

A little background. Former XC2 mtb racer, took a long break from cycling after getting burned out on it during my racing days.
I’ve recently, about a year now, gotten back into riding, but keeping it fun, no racing. A healthy mix of off and on road riding.

I started TR just 2 weeks ago, with the goal of just simply getting faster. Increasing my overall fitness, and helping cure my quarantine boredom…
I’m currently working my way through a TR 6 week workout plan, which so far has been awesome. I love everything about it, and I’m feeling better already…buuuuut, where is there time to add in outdoor rides?
I’m currently scheduled to have a workout 5 days out of the week, and I’d imagine the 2 off days should be spent recovering.

It should also be noted that neither my road or mtb have power, so I can’t really follow a workout plan very effectively when not on the trainer.

Surely you guys and gals are out riding and doing a structured plan?

Thanks in advance for the advice and help!!

Have you checked out the “Outside Workouts” in TR?

You can do all the workouts outside if you want!. Workouts can be exported to both Garmin and Wahoo computers. I’m not sure how it would work if you don’t have a powermeter on your bike outside, but with a powermeter it’s very easy, it gives you exactly what you need to do on your computer

Covered in my links above. You can use the RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) option if you don’t have a power meter.

Awesome. Thank you for the links.
Without a power meter, ill look into the RPE as an alternative.

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