TrainerRoad Outside Workouts Now Push to Garmin Edge 🎉

We’re very excited to announce the release of TrainerRoad’s integration with the Garmin Training API. You can now push planned TrainerRoad outside workouts to your Garmin Edge head unit to be completed outside!

How to Setup

  1. To allow TrainerRoad outside workouts to be pushed, re-authorize Garmin from your Ride Sync settings, and enable workouts to be pushed from TrainerRoad to Garmin.

  1. Since this feature is still in testing you’ll need to turn on the outside workouts role in your Early Access settings.

Scheduling a Workout

Once workout push is enabled, scheduled TrainerRoad outside workouts will be pushed to Garmin Connect.

Workouts will be pushed to Garmin 2 days in advance.


Workouts scheduled more than 2 days in advance will be scheduled to push, and won’t appear on Garmin Connect yet.


Once a workout is pushed to Garmin, it will appear on your Garmin Connect calendar.


Starting a Workout

To start a workout, turn on your Garmin head unit and make sure it connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth. When this happens, your Garmin Connect account will send the workout to your head unit. You should see a “Download Complete” message on your Garmin when it has finished syncing.


Once this is complete, navigate to your workout screen where you should be prompted to complete your scheduled workout.


Note: If you aren’t prompted to start your scheduled workout, it may be visible from your Training Plan/Calendar.

Best Practices

The following are tips to help you have the best possible experience executing TrainerRoad workouts outside.

Create a Custom Screen

For the closest thing to following a TrainerRoad workout, we recommend creating a custom screen with the following Data Fields. Re-order your Garmin screens so that the new custom screen is next to the workout screen so you can easily reference both.

Elapsed Time

  • Shows the total time you have been riding.

  • Nested under Timer category.

3 Second Power

  • Shows smoothed instantaneous power.

  • Nested under Power category.

Lap Power

  • Shows average power for the current lap/step of a workout.

  • Nested under Power category.

Time to Go

  • Shows how much longer the current step of a workout is.

  • Nested under Workouts category.

*For older generation Edge devices and all Garmin watches without the Time to Go field, we suggest Lap Time as an alternative.

For more detailed information on how to create a custom screen, go here.

Executing a Workout

Follow these steps when completing a workout.

1. Load Workout


2. Switch to your custom workout screen.


3. Stay in the first warmup interval until you’ve reached your “training terrain”.


4. Hit lap button to advance to the first interval. Target is displayed on the screen.


5. The custom workout screen should be your main screen while riding. Swipe back to Garmin Workout screen if you need to reference your target wattage range.


Workouts with Reps and Sets


For workouts with short intervals grouped together, the workout will automatically advance between rest and work intervals. Between major sets, recover until the timer hits 0 and the road is conducive to executing your intervals.

Workouts with Sets


For workouts with longer intervals, you will need to push the lap button between sets. Recover until the timer hits 0 and the road is conducive to executing your intervals.

Submitting Feedback

We encourage you to continue submitting feedback via either this post, or the Early Access page.


What about Wahoo head unit integration?

Wahoo head unit integration is currently in progress, although we have no ETA for this.

I wasn’t prompted to start my workout, where is it?

If you aren’t prompted to start your scheduled workout, it may be visible from your Garmin Training Plan/Calendar.

How long does it take to push a workout scheduled today to Garmin?

We push workouts up immediately that are within 2 days of their scheduled time, but it can take anywhere from 30 seconds to a couple minutes for these to appear in Garmin Connect.

For more information on outside workouts visit our outside workouts help center article, or the following forum post announcing outside workouts.




FANTASTIC!! You continue to hit it out of the park guys! Very nice work and a huge thank you to all of the TR team!


great, now I just need a garmin lol


Sure… everybody was “sick” last week… trying to put the finishing touches on this lovely update :stuck_out_tongue:

Props on the release and I can’t wait to hear about it from the ‘G’ owners… while us ‘W’ owners wait on being #2 around here :smiley:


Great work everyone! This is really exciting. Unfortunately we’re scheduled rain here for the rest of the week but excited to try it as soon as possible.


Hoping I’m not reposting a question that has already been asked. Is this only available for the 30 series Garmin Edge and not, for example, a Garmin Edge 520?

So long as the device supports custom workouts, you should be golden.

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Garmin Edge head units as low as the Edge 500 will support this, although the experience to load and execute a workout on the head unit itself may be slightly different depending on your model.


Thanks for the quick reply!

Thanks & congrats on the release! I’ve been looking forward to this feature!

I’m not sure if it’s just me but after completing the setup, an existing outdoor workout on my TR calendar scheduled for tomorrow did not push to my Garmin calendar.

I scheduled a new outdoor workout for tomorrow and the new workout successfully pushed to my Garmin calendar. If you’re in a similar situation, that’s a possible workaround.

Maybe toggle that existing workout to “Inside” and then back to “Outside” to trigger the change?

I would make sure to accept the changes between each transition to see if that helps.


Yep as a W user I have been able to create workouts on TP that automatically download to the W, would really love to see this ability from Trainerroad pretty please? :pray: Don’t really want to pay for multiple platforms if I don’t need to :money_mouth_face:


We have an engineer currently working on this very thing. It is his biggest focus right now, so shouldn’t be terribly long until he gets it done. He worked on the Garmin integration as well although the process to get things up and running isn’t quite the same for Wahoo.


103F / 39C outside, and 96F in the cave so its officially my off-season :sunny:

  • did the pre-work to re-auth Garmin

Ok, lets give this a go!

  • TR Desktop beta to add another heat acclimation ride (Lazy Mountain)
  • switched to outside ride (Francs Peak) and it synced immediately to Garmin Connect as seen from laptop web browser
  • turned on Edge 520, opened GC app on iPhone
  • Edge 520 synced immediately and ready to roll with Francs Peak
  • switched Desktop beta back to Inside ride and dual recorded (BT to MacBook; ANT+ to Edge 520)

Awesome! Thank you!



@ongd thanks for pointing this out. This is a bug that we have a fix in testing for. It should be released in the morning. The issue is confined to outside workouts that would have been pushed prior to you re-authorizing Garmin Ride Sync.

For those wondering, this will also push worjkouts to Garmin Fenix 3 HR. Havent ridden with it, but it does show up on the watch and goes through the workouts.

Now to just have my Run and Swims auto load into Trainer Road and also be pushed to the watch.