Syncing TR calendar with Wahoo element on mobile

I have put TR workouts on my TR calendar.
I’ve synced wahoo element with TR app on my phone. It transfers workouts I’ve done to my TR account, but if I delete then from Strava, they also get deleted from TR. (So I’m not sure if the workouts are only getting put into TR courtesy of the Strava pathway).
I’m trying to access a TR workout from my TR calendar via the wahoo app on my phone, but it is not showing up. It says it’s linked to TR and should sync automatically.
No problems with WiFi.
Is there something I need to do with my TR account to allow it to sync my calender workouts with wahoo?

Are the workouts you are trying to sync outdoor workouts or indoor workouts. They have to be outdoor workouts. You can swap between the indoor and outdoor version by going on the TR calendar online and changing the setting there

Thanks for your reply.
Sorry if I haven’t fully understood.
I’ve changed the setting from indoor to out door on the TR calendar and a message came up that wahoo was syncing with the TR calendar.
2 problems:
The nature of the TR workout has changed with it being “outdoor”
And I still can’t find a way to access TR workouts via the wahoo app. I’m looking under planned workouts, but there’s no TR w.o there.

The outdoor workouts are supposed to accomplish the same adaptations as the indoor versions, even if the specific details aren’t one to one. That said, I don’t think there’s as many outdoor workouts and variants as indoor, so it might not be a perfect match.

Carefully read the instructions from TR or watch the GP Lama video below.

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If you follow the instructions above and are still struggling, feel free to reach out to our Support Team at They would be happy to walk you through the process and troubleshoot if neccessary :+1:

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the first work out was a ramp test…so it was bound to be different lol
I’ve followed all the instructions and Apple Orchard is sitting on the calendar with “Ready to be pulled for Wahoo” on it. Wahoo isn’t pulling it though.

Thanks for your help @huges84
I’ll contact support to trouble shoot it

Thanks. Will do :+1:

I have the same ‘problem’ as you. The outside workout feature has never worked for me in the way that the TR guys describe it.

Just like yourself the only way the get the workout as an outdoor workout is to go online, pick a workout, change it to an outdoor one then click ‘push to wahoo’.

Then when I start up my headunit the only way to get that workout is to hit ‘sync’ on the unit. And just as you the TR calendar links up with the strava file, not the original finished ride file from my wahoo. It’s not a game breaker as I can still do the workouts, but it’s still fiddly as hell… :crazy_face:

It does sound faffy.
I’ll let you know if I find any solutions via support

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So far I have clarified that the only way to upload rides from Wahoo to TR is via Strava.
I haven’t managed to import workouts from TR to Wahoo yet, even after following videos etc. I think I’m doing all the right things, but nothing happens.
So I’m waiting on advice for that.

That does suck still, Strava tends to chop my power numbers down as opposed to the original data from my power mater. So I always see a discrepancy between what the finished TR workouts show (via syncing
from Strava) and what my head unit shows after a workout. Normalized power and avg. are not that far off, but peaks are always chopped down :confused:

I’ve had a long and detailed email from support, which looks helpful. I’ll update you when I’ve worked through it.

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I have worked through some of the information, but I’m having trouble prioritising it due to stuff going down. (At some point it will become a welcome distraction and I will get it sorted).
I think you would be best contacting support, so they can help you with your specific issue.
Be safe and keep training🤟


This thread kind of stopped, so either everyone worked out what to do or there was no answer. In case anyone else has the problem of find outside workouts on Elemnt from TR, the WiFi has to be turned on the head unit.

Best protocol in general for issues like this is to check in with Troubleshooting can be very device specific, but the team will be happy to take a look and help out!