Outdoor rides integrating within a workout

Fairly new to TR so apologies if this has already been answered but I’ve noticed when I do an outdoor ride and Strava/Garmin imports the data into my calendar and plan TR doesn’t appear to adapt or recognise these rides in changing the next workout?

Is it too complicated for it to analyse rides outside of the plans it creates or does it take into consideration these “extra” rides somehow?


If the outdoor rides are structured workouts then AT will adapt to those. But if they are just additional rides then, at the moment, AT is unable to analyze and adapt to these unstructured rides.

Thanks, yes these were unstructured rides. I’m sure they will eventually.

If the power output of the outdoor ride is similar to the power goals of the day’s workout you can associate the outdoor ride to the workout. Then it will adapt once you answer the difficulty survey.

It is also important to make sure the workout on the calendar is set to “Outside” prior to performing it and allowing the outside workout to sync to TR. That is the best practice until TR gets the unstructured rides implemented.


This gets asked probably three times a week. But yeah, TR doesn’t care about anything that TR doesn’t tell you to do.

I didn’t do that prior to the ride so am I right in thinking I can’t how this as an outside ride after the event?

It might work, but I have not tried that method timing. Give it a shot.

Any word yet on Wahoo Integration on outdoor rides?

If you mean this, it’s been available for a long time (debuted Sept 2019).

If you mean “random, unstructured outside rides”, that is a work in progress still.

yes sorry should have been more specific but incorporating wahoo outside rides with adaptive training

Assuming you perform a TR Outside Workout as covered in the articles… yes, they will count towards Rider Progression Levels, which can lead to Adaptive Training changes.

Doing any other ride outside that is not linked via the methods show, will NOT necessarily count. Some have hacked associations with mixed success, but that is not officially supported or working as they plan to offer eventually.

Even on Garmin, TR doesn’t recognize the workouts. TR assumes ANY ride you do IS the workout you scheduled for the day. I run into this problem virtually daily as I commute to work, but do my workout some other time during the day. Whatever workout I had scheduled automatically syncs to the commute and gives me credit. I have to disassociate the workout so I can do it later.

But if I do a workout on my own, and don’t add it to the calendar, TR doesn’t recognize the effort either. The software isn’t that intelligent. It is basically just an output machine, your input isn’t recognized.

I have done outdoor endurance rides without any TR workouts scheduled. I am in a SSB plan with AT on but not from plan builder.

After the ride uploads to TR I look at IF/TSS/duration.
Find a similar TR workout by filtering by Endurance-Continuous (ride was pretty steady paced) and Duration in the app.

Add that workout to same day as outdoor ride.

Then open the outdoor ride in web calendar and “match” it to workout just added. Workout does not need to be set to outdoor. (Not sure if you can “match” in app).

Then you have to go back to the outdoor ride in app and answer missing responses (I haven’t found a way to do it in web calendar). It will be noted missing with a hyperlink.
After you save survey response, the app checks for adaptions.

I have done this when I had a TR workout scheduled that I skipped to ride outside (then moved misssed workout to next day afterwards) and when I had nothing on calendar that day.
I have done this with somewhat stead tempo rides that I could find something close in TR. Hard group or race would be hard to find a workout close.

Last week I moved my weekend TR on calendar to a weekday and then did 3 zone 2 mountain bike rides over the holiday weekend. After the third ride I went back and did the above procedure for each ride and after submitting the survey response for each I received AT adaptions. It was actually funny because it adapted the next TR ride scheduled from workout A to B after first survey, then from B back to A after second, then A back to B after the third. I forget the one workout. The other was Mono. Both had the same PL and was basically the same intervals but different warmup.