Early Access to iOS Beta: Updated TrainerRoad

In the coming days we will be launching the newest Beta for our mobile applications! We are looking to expand our pool of athletes for testing. If you would like to opt in for testing the new app, please fill out the form below.

This round now includes both iPhones and iPads.

How it Works

Please click the link below on the device you would like to test the new application on.

You will need to access TrainerRoad - Beta through the Test Flight App.


We are looking for any feedback on the experience of using the new app — anything that may be confusing or not make sense, and any bugs you encounter.

Please drop all feedback directly in this thread. This is a great way for us to keep all our information in one place, and be able to keep everyone frequently updated.

As always, thank you to everyone for always being such a great community and allowing us to test things like this. We are extremely grateful, and are excited to see what you think of the new apps!


When will I get my early access to the new version of TrainerRoad?
As soon as you click the link and download and install the new app you will be in!


Just got my invite, exciting stuff!

Hit my first bug: the app was initially in German for me - I do have a German keyboard enabled but my phone language and default keyboard is English.


Two other issues:

The Today button in the Calendar doesn’t seem to be working and is greyed out, as is the refresh button (I’m guessing the latter is due to the historical rides still syncing).

The IF for a Zwift ride is showing “0.64 / null”. Other fields are not showing the “/ null”, it’s just the IF :slight_smile:

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One more, rides seem to have finished syncing, as the refresh and today buttons became available, but TR rides seem to be doubled up:

The planned and actual rides are showing up separately it seems. Force closing the app has fixed the issue however.

Edit: Ignore Below. I came back 5 min later and things are much more snappy. I’ll leave the post so others don’t post the same issue.

It’s possible that things are still loading but certain button presses seem to have a delay. Most notably to go back or to pull up the menu (w/ Calendar, workouts, etc.). I can press and then count to 2 before it opens up.

Also, when looking at a ride (completed and not a TR ride) the app is too slow to follow your finger dragging across the power trace to be usable.

We are currently adding everyone that has applied via the google form in the original post! if you are interested in checking it out, please fill out the form and you should have access today!

@chidlow Thanks for the quick feedback! Depending on how many rides are on your calendar, we still sync during your first install. This allows you to get into the app quickly, but sync is still taking place. We’re still fine tuning this a bit, and it should get better after the original login. All of your issues are noted though.

@mwglow15 Thanks for letting us know. I think you are experiencing the same initial sync slow down. We are still actively improving this, but I’ll keep you updated with our progress


Issue 1: Weekly TSS Calculation for my current week----Completed TSS for the week is accurate, but total TSS is only accounting for TR workouts (it’s not accounting for planned Run TSS that is on my calendar). Ex: My TSS is showing 393/505 and should be showing 393/757.

Issue 2: Weekly hours are also off: Currently showing 6:09 / 7:33 hours for this week…should be 6:09 / 11:36 for the week. Time completed is accurate but total planned weekly time is off. I can’t pinpoint the variance either.

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Out of interest, what will the minimum iOS version for the new app be?

I think I’ve found an issue with re-syncing a ride. On Friday 8/28 I did a leisurely outdoor mtb ride with my girlfriend. With outdoor rides/workouts, I have to manually change my FTP for those activities to reflect the number I use outisde. Indoor I’m at 241 & outdoor on the MTB I’m at 259. For this activity (named Morning Ride, btw) I linked to the activity from the app by clicking “Analyze” in the lower right had corner which takes me to the mobile web version of the activity. I clicked “Edit” & changed my FTP to 259 & then clicked “Save”. Back in the app, I clicked “…” which brought up the “Re-sync Ride” button & clicked it. The app showed the spinning wheel & seemed to update but the FTP on the graph stayed at 241 & the TSS & IF remained the same in the data fields.

Also for the same activity, if I click the pencil to edit, the app switches to another screen that says “Edit Activity” on the top left of the screen but there is nothing else on the screen except for a “Save” button on the bottom right.

Hope this is descriptive enough, if you need anything else, let me know.

I’m on the trial…just for clarity is feedback supposed to be on here or via the test flight app? Or does it not matter?

I was a previous beta tester, do I need to reapply?
My TestFlight app still shows TrainerRoad but status is build removed.

@agbatten Thank you for the reports. I’m updating the issue list in the OP right now.

@bazcurtis The minimum iOS version for React Native is iOS 10, and that’s what we are using.

@Kris_Wyman Thanks for bringing that one up, I have an idea of what could be causing it. I’ll add it to the issue list.

@thebadabing Honestly, whatever is easier for you. More feedback is always appreciated, and we are aggregating between all the reporting. If you post here on the forum, it might help other people experiencing similar issues.

@philrcook You would need to reapply for this one. This one is specifically limited so that we can act quickly and make sure we are fixing anything we come across. It will go to the public beta once this current round of testing is complete.


Will I be able to use the old version of the app if this one stops working for me?

@Joelrivera Correct, this will not replace the current production version of TrainerRoad that you are currently riding. This is specifically through Test Flight and will install separately.

The app says it requires iOS 10.0 or later

@Joelrivera it gives you the option when you install. If you want to keep the original and have the beta make sure you select not to replace when the option pops up.

Alright, here’s my initial thoughts:

On startup it was a bit slow to load as expected but is running really fast now. Generally, I’m impressed with the layout and appearance. The month drop down is an excellent addition that makes navigating the list calendar so much easier.

I will note that when I first exited a workout review the calendar randomly jumped back to May for some reason

But that appears to be a one-off. One thing I noticed is that the edit workout option doesn’t do anything. It just leads to a gray screen with the save button. Nothing else and no typing field for notes. Being able to put notes in here would be awesome.

Then I took the new PB functionality for a spin and holy smokes it was smooth. Super simple and lightning fast. Couple notes, the updated descriptions for experience are excellent and make selecting the right level easier

Additionally the drag and drop schedule adjustment for workout days works like a charm

One thing that bugged me though was the review plan screen

Key portions of the workout names are chopped off which makes a quick overview before adding to calendar impossible. So I have no idea which version of the workout will add unless I go through and individually click each one which was a touch annoying. I feel like some of the gray space on the sides could be used more effectively and perhaps a combination of reducing font size for the workout name/shrinking the workout structure image could make this screen so much more convenient and user friendly. EDIT: I use an iPhone SE so not sure if there is a similar issue with larger iPhone models.

That’s all I have for now, no group workout functionality, which is understandable, so trying a ride this weekend and will report back on that.

Some past rides are not showing correctly, even though initial history sync is finished. Issue persists after force-closing the app:

(Image of same Leconte workout on Desktop app to prove I didn’t just bail :stuck_out_tongue: )


Did a group workout this morning and it looks like group workouts confuse the beta app

The workout is duplicated and the completed version is blurred out. Also the workout labels are flipped, with the completed version indicating “Planned” and the duplicate indicating “Completed” but not having any completion metrics for the ride.

EDIT: I was looking at the top left. Looked again down below and shows correct there so small discrepancy.

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Am I missing the quick workout variant list?

Previously I could start at my calendar, press the scheduled workout and before loading the workout being up variants to choose.

Maybe never mind… seems the ones I was looking at may not have variants. I found others that do show the list :slight_smile:

Edited again… I think there is something strange about the Variants button and what is displayed. Today’s ride was “Whiteface” and if I search the catalog I see a -1 version, however when I opened the workout from my calendar I did not see a variant button at all. I get TR wants me to be faster and not take shortcuts but I only had 60 minutes :slight_smile: