Reduce app data - only download the workouts I need

The app takes up a huge amount of space on my phone due to the data and number of things it downloads. I use a tiny percentage of the workouts downloaded. Why download them all?

I understand offline capacity but even then I only need a small number of workouts. The mass download should at least be optional. It takes 20 minutes to download at start-up!

The user experience between the app and the website is a bit disjointed. For example, why are my favourite workouts on the app not synched to my account so I don’t lose them when I reinstall the app.

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460mb is not big compared to other apps. Zwift is 1.94gb so there is a comparison for you based on my iphone 8 storage I just looked at.

I believe when the new beta is finally released for production it will fix the favorite thing and it matches the web fyi. Sign up for it if you want to be in the beta.


Thanks Eric. It’s one of the biggest apps on my phone and the download of the entire library of workouts isn’t essential. I’m happy with MBs or even GBs where they are necessary!

Great that the favourite work outs will be synched, look forward to release.

I get it but no way around it. On ios I always delete my apps and reinstall if a new update comes out that I want as that clears space vs updating the app which just adds to the app size.

You might have known the above though.

@humancyclist you can get on the new version now!! :+1: