New iOS Release Issues / Bug Reports

i had the 2019 iOS Release on my iPAD 4. Was working flawless and great. Even in landscape.

Installed today the 2021 release, and horrible. Slow, laggy and landscape is not working at all.
What can we do? How can we revert that update?

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somewhat related - do we need to do a new sync on our smart trainer after the app update??

also yeah - its a little slow moving on my 2019 iPad and old iPhone 7s. i imagine that’ll get fixed wtih time though.

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Please reach out to support, a number of those issues can be mitigated via a few troubleshooting steps or settings changes, they can be pretty device specific though so please reach out to the team at and they’ll help you out. Sorry for the trouble!

You may need to pair your devices again, yes, and calibration every ride is always good practice!


It syncs after every start of the app inside the ipad.
As its one release for all iPad iOS devices i guess the findings are easy to reproduceable.

The best would be to revert the update. How can i do that?
I really regret that i made the update, as i am premium member since just 3 weeks, and that for a 1 year subscription :frowning:

No worries! One of our great Support Agents will be able to get you sorted out.

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Load the app and leave it open in the background - it downloads your career history and maybe an offline version of the workouts. Once this finishes it is much more responsive.

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also having problems with the new iOS release on my iPad. Had to stop a workout yesterday due to not TR related reasons. Tried to restart/resume the workout after a while, which worked flawlessly before the update. Now the App crashed twice while restarting the session and had to be restarted.
I also had to start the session from the beginning and delete the corrupted workout. Never had that before.
Second, as I am from Germany, I recognized that TR translates some fields to German language now. As other parts are still in English, it is quite a mixture. I have not found any setting to change it back to English in total. Any ideas?
Kind regards

At the end of every workout so far (2 of them, lol), the app crashes and closes itself. It’s once the post analysis of the workout finishes processing it then crashes. Or maybe it’s supposed to close itself? :man_shrugging:t4:

My experience this AM was pretty flawless…in fact, it seems to be doing a better job of controlling my DiretoX. I still have some minor over / under the target power, but it is MUCH tighter than the old version.

Hoping it continues this way…only done one ride so far.

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Check PN

HI that did not work.
Restarted also the ipad.
I left it open for many hours.

Its not working because its super laggy. Its also not possible to put in landscape mode…

This is expected behavior. Tablets should be able to rotate everywhere, make sure they have auto-rotate enabled, and feel free to check in with if you need further assistance.

No that was possible with the last release. Its from 2019.
The last release isnt able to autorotate anymore. As i wrote at the beginning of that thread already.
This release is not able to do that anymore on the same system.
Please forward on your colleagues on your behalf.

We’re trying to improve the behavior of the new app as quickly as possible, and any questions/issues you have will really be best handled through direct communication with a support agent.
Due to limitations with Apple, it’s not possible to revert to an older version of the app, but not to worry, the support team can DEFINITELY help walk you through some fixes!

So far, so good. It IS laggy on iOS (iPhone 12 and iPad Pro here). But it works. Did two trainings using the new app.

I have had one issue where it wouldn’t pick up one bluetooth device (Polar H10) and I had to quit the app. But then it worked.

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The sluggishness went away for me after using it a few times (not for training - use PC for that).

The biggest thing I notice is the ability to select/review individual intervals from a completed workout is gone. I scroll down and see the average/max values for full workout, but no way to see the results for each interval. Pretty sure it was there in the past? Am I missing something?

This is something that didn’t make it into our initial release but we will be bringing that feature back in the near future. Thanks for your patience until then! :slight_smile:


The non-native controls :scream: I thought it was limited to the date/time pickers, but even the scroll lists (what should be UIPickerViews) are non-native. Gross. :face_vomiting: It looks like it was either a deliberate decision (native components do exist in React Native) or one that originated from a technical constraint. The impact is my iOS date/time preferences are ignored.

Was this to reduce the amount of OS-specific code in the codebase? E.g. to avoid this, if iOS then UIPickerView else if Android then <AndroidNativeEquivalent>. I understand the desire to manage fewer code branches but at the expense of the user experience?

The UI lags on one of the fastest phones on the planet. That may not be a criticism of TR but that I am left wondering who thinks that level of performance is acceptable.

The workout notes field is gone from the workout completion screen; it’s been moved to another view. I used to write notes during the recovery periods and then paste my notes directly into the notes field. It was a one action experience, I tapped paste in the text field, done; it didn’t need a Save button. Saving was implicit (this is normal and expected behaviour across iOS and macOS). Now there’s an edit icon to tap on, then paste the text, then Save :disappointed:

Fortunately the core experience (recording and managing a workout) works as expected. I appreciate the work that went into that. :clap:t2: Unfortunately I don’t feel like I want to interact with the rest of the UI.

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Basically new app updated on my iPad when I went to do my workout. Great I thought as I assumed I had been added to adaptive training.
However… this was not the cas and it was just the updated app.

The main issues I have found

  1. Everything now runs reaaaaaly slooooooow. Not a huge issue but why is this
  2. The most concern g issue is that when doing the workout I notice the countdown clock does not run smoothly but jumps in segments of anything from three to eight seconds. It appears there is a lag in power too as I do all my workouts on a OG Neo in erg mode.
    Facebook groups seems to indicate others are having the same issue and I have never had issues before.
  3. Halfway through my workout the app lost connection with my Neo. I stopped to see what the issue was and the app saved my workout. I had to close down app a couple of times so that it would recognise my Neo again and luckily was able to continue my workout.

Is this a common, known issue?
Can I revert back to the previous app version?