Cyclist Body Types, Descending, Training for Repeatability and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 277

How your body type and muscle fiber composition relates to your cycling training, improving your power and speed on descents, how to train for repeatability in races and more in Episode 277 of The Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast.

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Someone please elaborate on the part that Chad said “There is a difference between racing smart and hiding”?

Whenever there is a discussion about advanced race tactics and when to attack and when to hide, i listen and think maybe someday that will be relevant to me. Now i just want to get fit enough to hang with the middle of the pack and not get dropped. When can do that the whole race then i can worry about when to attack and when to hide.

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If you are in a race where you are just struggling to stay with the group then smart racing = hiding.

However, if you are trying to compete for the win then, unless you are a dedicated sprinter with a team around you to chase moves and pull back breaks, smart racing means hiding when you should and attacking when you should. So hiding is a part of smart racing but you can’t just hide all the time.

Sorry, that’s a super non specific answer because I haven’t listened to the episode yet but maybe that’s enough to answer your question.


Thanks! This makes sense and it fits quite well in the context of the podcast as well. I was certainly not smart and not hiding today at crit haha.

Pete spoke of a forum post where we could get on the waitlist for iOS beta…can someone point me in the right direction?


For reference, a forum search is easy and usually finds what you want.

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@chad thank you for that excellent 15-min review of all the reasons why we should lift heavy things! :muscle:

Very welcome, @bbarrera! Anytime. :wink:

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Chad, Could you list the references for the reasons for heavy strength training?. There’s an ongoing discussion on concomitant training on the forum, You mentioned a study by

Sure thing:

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