Push to Garmin Through Android App

I’m curious will there be a function to push workouts to Garmin through the App instead of using the web browser? There are times when even after pushing the workouts they seem to disappear from the head unit not sure if its due to time zone issues or something else.

It is in the current beta app, which will bring most desktop functionality to mobile :slight_smile:

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@nvalphen is right!

You can get on the beta iOS app here:

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Wohoo, that is good news. Really looking forward to this as I am doing most my workouts outdoors.

I doubt iOS beta will work on an Android device :sweat_smile:

there is also a thread for the android beta :wink:

although it’s working pretty OK for me, there are still some hickups, the iOS beta is more finished (from what I have heard/read)

OPE, my bad sent the wrong link! @nvalphen got my back though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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