πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰The New TrainerRoad iOS App is LIVE!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Our new apps are live in the Apple App Store!! The Android app is out in the Play Store as well, and here is the link to that thread.

This has been a huge process for us to completely overhaul our apps and get them ready for all of our future plans. There is no way we could have done it without all of the feedback and bug reporting from our amazing beta testers. Thank you and to everyone who participated in getting everything sorted and we really appreciate it! As always, keep those feature requests coming.

You should be automatically prompted to update your apps soon and everyone will be able to use it, or can manually search us out and download them yourself.

There are a ton of new features in the app to give you control of your training, all from a single app. Some of the new highlights include:

Powermatch 2.0 - Using new machine learning models, we’re implementing Powermatch 2.0 to give you a significantly better experience when using both a smart trainer and a power meter.
TrainNow - TrainNow gives you the flexibility to complete structured training, when and how you want, with intelligently recommended workouts powered by Adaptive Training.
Plan Builder - Now you can create and edit custom plans from within your mobile app.
Complete calendar functionality & flexibility - Control and manage your training calendar entirely from the app without needing to head to the desktop app or the web.

This was a really massive project and I can’t thank the whole team at TR who made this happen. We are really excited to get into some new projects, but I can’t wait see what everyone thinks. If you have any problems at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to support@trainerroad.com



To be clear… if we already have the β€œTest Flight version” of the iOS app, there is no need to update to this app. We already have the latest and greatest?

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Correct! Test Flight and Production are currently the same release right now. I would stick on Test Flight, especially if you want early access to whatever is rolling out with the next release. :+1:


Congratulations to the whole team there!

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Congratulations to the release!

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cool. ill try it out today.

unfortunately as an aged agegrouper i cant read anything due to the app’s small lettering on my iphone8 (wich is permanently mounted to my bike in the cave)…



Awesome, thanks for kicking that update out. I can’t wait to give powermatch another shot. I don’t know if something with my iPad or not, but I noticed the menus won’t rotate horizontal, but the workout screen did. If it’s not on my end no big deal, I’ll just leave it vertical.


Congrats on the release. A great deal of work clearly went into it and I imagine it was far from easy.

First impressions are generally positive:

  • design is nice
  • no localisation issues :+1:t2:
  • no noticeable layout issues
  • have to re-enter my creds
  • the UI is laggy and at times un-responsive, to the extent where my inputs are buffered and they execute a second or two later (sidenote, we recently chose not to use React Native due to its performance)

I experienced the lagging UI for a few minutes but now it’s faster than before. I think the app was downloading background data.


Is there any guidance on what the β€œResponsiveness” setting is doing for the new power match feature?

I think this is what you are looking for. All of our updated Help Center articles are being pushed as we speak.

There is one advanced setting for New PowerMatch: Responsiveness. It is set at 0.5 by default, which proved to be a better experience for most athletes, but you may find that a different setting works better for your power meter / trainer combination and or personal preferences. A higher value should translate to quicker update to the trainer / power meter offset. While this may sound desirable, updating too fast can make for jumpy resistance levels. A lower responsiveness will likely result in smoother power, but the adaptation to changes in offset may take longer.


Awesome to have this out to play with. One quick issue I found is that my Favorite workouts in the old version of the app have disappeared. I’m assuming this might be to allow for synced favorites across platforms? Would be great if there is a way to get them back, but if not, it will motivate to come up with a better curated list…

The new app looks great!!!

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Great work on the new IOS App, it’s fantastic!

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Only issue I have found so far is that my existing username/password combo shows as incorrect. I had to reset the password and use one without the special characters Β£ ^ " & in. Not sure which one of those was the issue, but it was working fine on the website.

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Congratulations, big mile stone. Quick question: I’m one of the beta testers. Should I exit the beta program or are you still continuing it where we test future updates?

Edit: I should have read the thread first, you already answered this one. Sorry about that.

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Asked and answered…


Hi Pete,

Do you have any general thoughts on how the setting might behave with different types of power meters like pedal-based versus crank-based versus hubs? It seems like pedals might detect greater variation while downstream meters see a smoother input value. I just don’t know if using a higher or lower responsiveness setting would improve the overall fit of a power tracing to the workout target power. At some point in the decision to recommend 0.5, there may have been some type of objective assessment. Or does the ML already account for the type of PM with info from the Bluetooth/ANT connection?

Do we still need email invite. I don’t see the Achievable, Productive, etc. listing on the individual workouts. Thanks.

Don’t touch it unless you have issues with PowerMatch. If you have one of the main trainers (Neo, Kickr, Hammer) I think you’ll be fine with the default.


That goes with Adaptive Training, and is still in the closed beta.