iPad Feature Request: enable splitview

+1 please. Was juggling with dragging safari into the TrainerRoad app to get into splitview to watch entertainment (exactly like the first mock-up) while I was on the bike… only then realised that it doest work on my iPad Pro.


Bumping this to the team. Cheers!

Our new iOS app should handle split view just fine. If it doesn’t, that’s an over site that we will correct post launch. @Pete FYI.


And the android app too?

Yes. @Pete android too


Hi @Nate_Pearson when is the new app expected? We’ve been waiting a loooooong time for it! I’ve always wondered why you always release new features on windows first…surely the majority of users are on iOS/android

That’s not true. The last time they released a new mobile app, it had lots of new features that were added in the Win/Mac version later. It just happens that the order is reversed this time.

I wish they would make an appletv app and allow for Picture in Picture so I could watch a show and have TR up in the same screen.

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Here is the ATV feature request, if you want to add your +1 to vote for it.

I want it yesterday, but the good news is you can use the iOS app today!

One thing that’s holding it up is ANT+ support. There’s still a good amount of people that have ANT+ only devices and we can’t brick their setup without it. If you’re on Bluetooth you should be able to use it today.

After this release, the only feature that’s not on both is group workouts, which will be worked on next.

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Ooohhh I checked my updates but it’s not there…how do I use the new app or are you referencing the beta version?

Here’s the iOS beta landing page!

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Feedback from iPad air 2 user with the new wattbike atom 2020.

-erg mode wasn’t working…it’s stuck in resistance mode even though it says erg is on under the device info.
(Fyi this is an option I would actually like as there are currently issues with the atom and erg mode but that’s a different matter)

-the pause button in the top left and the three dots for options in the top right are too small and I found I had to tap the 3/4 times before they responded. Even though I could pause bu touching the screen I found this annoying as I like to touch the screen to view the info at the top of the screen eh time of day.

Did you mean to post that to the iOS Beta thread? :thinking:

Yes, this us where I was told to post my feedback of the beta app?

This thread is for discussion of split view on iPad - @IvyAudrain 's last post ( ^ a bit ) has a link to the iOS beta thread

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Oh, oops that’s what I thought I’d done

I know Bryce has left but is split view still a non-starter due to the architecture of the app?

Blog : https://sixtyplustimetrialling.wordpress.com/

Split view works with the new iOS Beta app just fine.


Brilliant. I am not on the Beta but will see about it.