IOS App issues, or is it just me?

I’m new, so I’m sorry if this has already been brought up.

However, is the iOS app pretty much useless for anything other than the cycling workouts? I have to force quite the app if I want it to refresh. On the menu the calandar, workouts, plans, and devices buttons don’t actually do anything except change the colors of the words. You can’t really do anything with the workout themselves. Everything ends up redirecting you to their website.

I’m not upset, I like the workouts, but just seems like the app is very beta to me.

I use the app 100% of the time and have had no issues in the 3 or 4 years I’ve been on TR. Maybe try redownloading? Or maybe you’re using the actual early access beta app :rofl:

I also see some of that - e.g. if I’ve moved workouts around on my calendar using the browser on PC, then I open the iPad app to do a workout, it won’t pick up the revised workout dates by itself. I don’t need to quit the app, but I find that I have to move from Calendar view to Workout screen, then go back to Calendar again … and wait a little more … then the correct workout for today will show up.

The app is being completely rewritten (see threads on the iOS beta) so hoping this will be resolved there.

Yeah myself and a few friends have the same issues. I’ve been waiting for the new app before sending any tickets.

Good plan. They are deep into development of the new version. In fact, you can see if you can get selected into the beta group that keeps getting expanded.

All that means we should be getting closer to the official release of the new app, that has lots more functionality.

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Yes, has always been this way. TR are the only company in the last ten years I know that dont have a mobile-first strategy, there seems to be a continuing prevalence of desktops in the US which may be the factor, or just that US indoor trainer users happen to have and prefer desktops and laptops.

Even the website calendar doesnt scroll properly on iPhones.