πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ The New TrainerRoad Android App is LIVE! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Our new app is ready in the Google Play store! Our iOS App is currently being review by Apple for approval and will be released as soon as that happens.

This has been a huge process for us to completely overhaul our apps and get them ready for all of our future plans. There is no way we could have done it without all of the feedback and bug reporting from our amazing beta testers. Thank you and to everyone who participated in getting everything sorted and we really appreciate it! As always, keep those feature requests coming.

You should be automatically prompted to update your apps soon and everyone will be able to use it, or can manually search us out and download them yourself.

There are a ton of new features in the app to give you control of your training, all from a single app. Some of the new highlights include:

Powermatch 2.0 - Using new machine learning models, we’re implementing Powermatch 2.0 to give you a significantly better experience when using both a smart trainer and a power meter.
TrainNow - TrainNow gives you the flexibility to complete structured training, when and how you want, with intelligently recommended workouts powered by Adaptive Training.
Plan Builder - Now you can create and edit custom plans from within your mobile app.
Complete calendar functionality & flexibility - Control and manage your training calendar entirely from the app without needing to head to the desktop app or the web.

This was a really massive project and I can’t thank the whole team at TR who made this happen. We are really excited to get into some new projects, but I can’t wait see what everyone thinks. If you have any problems at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to support@trainerroad.com


That is fantastic news. Well done to all the team and thanks to the beta testers. Another refresh button to hit. The App Store and email for AT :slight_smile:



So now all focus is on AT and then we can maybe get runs and swims pulled in to TR yay

I’ve been on the Beta for a month and its been nice


It still doesn’t show the TR workout images :confused:

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Awesome, thanks Pete and congrats on this huge achievement!


Significant features. Looking forward to experiencing them.


That’s fantastic. Now can we fix the calendar so it imports runs and swims? We’ve been waiting for that for 2 years. Thx.


Do Beta users have to leave the Beta, or do the Beta and new production version overlap until new features enter the Beta pool?

Android beta and production are the same build/version right now. :+1:


So I just updated the ios beta app. Are you saying I should delete that one and reinstall the regular??

Edit: and I have really enjoyed the beta app over the last couple of months. Works great.

Check out the thread title. (Android) :wink:


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@Pete @Geoff great work, thanks to the whole TR Team!
Beta worked great for me in the last few months!

Only one questions for move from Beta to public version in Google Play Store, i leaved Beta and now i am on version 2021.11.0.92055 is this the correct one?

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The new Android app looks great, i do however have some issues with virtual power, (yes I will order a powermeter this month).

The resolution seems to be +/- 9 Watts now, where before it was closer to +/- 2 Watts.
What it means, i had a target of 203 Watts, but because of the bigger resolution, it would indicate either 201 or 210 Watts, which makes it more difficult to do the prescribed power more closely.
Before I could just increase or decrease my cadence a bit and get right on target.



Yes, that’s the production app version currently in the Play Store, and what I’m now running having left the Beta Program and uninstalled the beta app.


Ok, just loaded on Android.
First reactions: I love that the opening picture is someone doing a TT. Also it seems a shed load quicker now.

Some questions: @Pete

  1. What does β€œPowermatch 2.0” do differently/better? How has it changed?
  2. Worksouts now show the Zone name - excellent. (Is this new or am i just noticing it more).

Thanks TR Team :+1:

(I am working through from an injury. i have ditched the General Build LV1 (plus a bit) I was in. I am working progressively through types of workout to test my injury. Iam just waiting to see the feature that provides a list of options for each type of workout, so I can easily choose a nice sensible progress for, say Z2, Z3, Sweet spot, Threshold and VO2 and pregressively stress my leg to see if it is recovering and can take the extra load).

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Initially I thought you might be referring to the β€œAlternates” feature that arrives with AT, but on second thoughts it reads more like you’re referring to TrainNow - if so, you already have access to this within the new Android app, by selecting Workouts under the hamburger menu, and then TrainNow in the top menu.

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I have looked at TrainNow. It is definitely towards useful. However its a list I really want. I can use TrainNow, but I go, β€œis there a better one?” refresh and then end up cycling through and having to write down the names, TSS and IF to see which suits me, and compare what it is offering, then look them up again.

I suspect the "alternatives and various levels of progression function is what i really need now. I am normally happy simply to follow a training plan and not need alternatives. It is only because I am trying to progress from injury, carefully back, that this would be useful.

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I agree. It’s an ok tool but now that it is still missing the workout levels + AT classification (ie. productive, breakthrough) to match your days subjective feeling, its use is a bit limited. Once AT is fully in use, I see myself using the filters from the workout library (if/when new filtering options are added) to get my personal list of exercises to choose from.

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Not sure if this is the place to report bugs or something.

But here it goes anyway.
On Android.
Was doing a Wo this morning. Had to stop for 20 minutes because of reasons. Then when trying to resume it would not pick up the power meter (powertap c1). Closed the app and when reopen the pm was detected and was able to resume.

Also, used the new power match… It might be placebo, but it didn’t feel as jumpy as before, where it would go super low and then super high to compensate… Maybe my mind and expectations

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