You need fitness, strategy and luck to make the sort of move that wins a race, so how do you increase your chances of winning? We’ll dig into this, adrenaline’s effect on endurance performance, and into whether or not training yourself to perform in a sleep deprived state is worthwhile for endurance athletes. Tune into Episode 300 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast now!

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Topics covered in this episode

  • Is there benefit to training in a sleep-deprived state? 9:55
  • Adrenaline’s role in endurance performance 35:44
  • Update on TrainerRoad’s polarized training plans 56:02
  • Responding in cycling/motorist conflicts 1:00:14
  • Is there an ideal Q-Factor per body type? 1:10:42
  • Nutrition and tool-carrying pro-tips 1:12:19
  • What the hosts are best at in the training process 1:14:28
  • What sort of rider-type is the best? 1:18:58
  • How does training affect subsequent mental awareness? 1:27:03
  • How to train for race-winning moves 1:42:38
  • Live Q&A 1:58:05

Topics covered in this episode

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