Getting used to race intensity can be jarring, so how do you prepare yourself before race day? We’ll cover this, a deep dive on outside interval training, various discussions on what affects recovery and how to manage it, and much more in Episode 305 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast!

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Topics covered in this episode

  • Ask a Cycling Coach Will Start Soon! 0:00
  • Intro and Adaptive Training Update 0:08
  • What Alex Wild learned racing the US Cup Pro XCTs in Fayetteville, AR 4:47
  • How to learn technical courses quickly 6:33
  • Preparing for race intensity 13:26
  • How to adjust your pacing strategy based on call-up position 24:09
  • How to manage unexpected disappointments 26:40
  • A deep dive on TrainerRoad Outside Workouts 29:40
  • Why individuals get rewards in cycling instead of teams 1:03:16
  • How to overcome mental limitations 1:10:47
  • Are standing desks good or bad for cyclists? 1:16:46
  • Best gearing choices for gravel racing 1:23:05
  • How to manage life stress and recovery for athletes 1:23:45
  • A guide to getting started with healthy eating for cyclists 1:38:06
  • Live question and answers 1:49:51

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