Today, we’re rolling out the first features of Adaptive Training. With this release, you can now easily compare workouts with Workout Levels, get the ideal workout type based on your recent training history with TrainNow. We’ve also updated all 100 TrainerRoad training plans and added over 600 new workouts. These new features are available today!

Updated Training Plans

All 100 TrainerRoad training plans have been updated with insights using machine learning from Adaptive Training. Using Adaptive Training’s new Workout Levels, we’ve updated all our plans and added over 600 new workouts to help you progress through each training zone at an even more sustainable rate. While they will still target the same training zone, individual workouts have been optimized to ensure that the Workout Level ramps to grow your fitness. 

Indoor Training

Make the most of your hard work with an optimized indoor training experience.

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If you’d like to update your current training plan, you can delete your existing one, then add the new updated plan. You can backdate the new plan to your original start date. Additionally, you will get the updated plan with any Plan Builder recalculation by editing an A or B event. If you’re on the web, you can click on a training block annotation, then the update button.

Workout Levels

Workout Levels are a new metric that helps you to compare the difficulty of workouts easily. Within each training zone, every workout is ranked on a scale of 1 to 10. Some of the most challenging workouts can even exceed a Level 10! Workout Levels go beyond TSS and IF, and consider things like repeatability, interval length, and more to include additional nuance when comparing workouts.

This is a screenshot showing the new Workout Levels filter.

You can use Workout Levels to compare workouts in the same training zone and see the levels of workouts that you have completed in the past. Workout Levels, and their corresponding training zone, are displayed on the workout previews. And with this new feature, you can sort and filter on the web and in the apps. 

TrainNow Updates

TrainNow is a quick and easy way to choose ideal individual workouts, catered to your fitness and abilities, and it just got smarter. TrainNow is perfect for athletes who aren’t on a training plan, or who want to supplement unstructured riding with some more productive time on the bike. Now, it analyzes your recent training history to recommend the ideal workout type for each day with the “Recommended” label. 

New Mobile App

These features and even more are included in our newly released mobile app for iOS and Android. With the updated app, you can control all of your training in one place with TrainNow, Plan Builder, PowerMatch 2.0, powerful calendar management, and of course, Workout Levels. 

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Jesse Fortson

Jesse Fortson lost over 145 pounds with TrainerRoad's help. He uses his experience as a teacher and race mechanic to get faster for crits, gravel, and marathon XCO races.