Key Takeaways

  • All Triathlon plans have received updates to standardize their durations, refine their progressions, improve start and end points for run training, make recovery weeks more restful, and improve their periodization.
  • New Masters Triathlon plans are six weeks long and have a 2:1 load:deload ratio, meaning you get a recovery week every third week.
  • All non-Masters Triathlon Base, Build, and Specialty plans are now eight weeks long and have a 3:1 load:deload ratio (recovery week every fourth week)
  • You will be prompted to update your existing training plan after your next recovery week.

New training plan updates for triathlon plans, including a "Masters" version of each.

Today, we’re launching Masters Triathlon training plans and updating our existing Triathlon plans!

Masters Triathlon Plans

Recently, we launched Masters cycling plans. Many of you requested that we do the same for Triathlon; now we have!

Masters Triathlon plans use a 2:1 load-to-recovery week ratio. With a Masters Triathlon plan, you’ll get a recovery week every third week throughout your plan, as opposed to every fourth week in a non-masters plan.

This design allows us to preserve key workouts across all 3 sports each week, while still facilitating extra recovery throughout your training.

Who’s it For?

Just as with our Masters Cycling plans, we recommend the Masters Triathlon plans for older athletes or anyone else who needs additional recovery.

This could be new parents, shift workers, athletes with high-stress jobs, or athletes with sleep issues, to name a few examples.

Getting Started

Master’s Triathlon plans are available in the training plan section on both and in the TrainerRoad apps. They are also available in plan builder.

If you’re already on a Triathlon plan, you’ll get a popup notice after your next recovery week, asking if you’d like to switch to a Master’s plan.

You can also switch your existing Triathlon plan to a Masters Plan from the calendar. Click your plan’s name and a plan overview window will appear; on the web you’ll see a Masters toggle switch here. In the apps, you’ll need to click the pencil-shaped “edit” icon at the bottom left corner to access the toggle switch.

Any changes you make here will affect the rest of your plan, beginning after your next recovery week. This will also reset any volume changes you’ve made to individual phases in your plan.

Note: Unlike with cycling plans, you can’t swap out individual phases within your Triathlon plan for Masters versions. This could cause unintended consequences due to the differences in load-to-recovery ratio.

Improvements to All Triathlon Plans

We’ve also made some improvements to our regular “non-masters” Triathlon plans.

All Triathlon Base, Build, and Specialty plans are now 8 weeks long (6 weeks for Masters). Custom Triathlon plans built with Plan Builder may still include longer or shorter phases as needed to optimize your training.

We’ve fine-tuned the workout progressions within these plans, and standardized their load-to-recovery ratio to 3:1. This means you’ll get a recovery week every fourth week in any non-masters Triathlon plan.

If you have an existing Triathlon plan, we’ll update it with the new settings after your next recovery week.

That’s it! Make sure you your apps are up to date and head on over to to check out the new plans, or sign up today to start getting faster!