Key Takeaways

  • Masters Plans are limited to two days of intensity per week.
  • Each cycling training plan has a Masters Plan version.
  • All Sundays in all cycling plans are now Endurance workouts instead of Sweet Spot.
  • Sweet Spot Base has been updated to a 4 week schedule instead of 6, and is now called General Base.
  • Plan Builder Custom Duration is a new feature that allows you to specify exactly how long you want to train on a specific day of the week, regardless of plan volume.

New training plan updates for cycling plans, including a "Masters" version of each.

Today, we’re launching Masters training plans, lowering the intensity of our existing plans, and adding the ability to change the workout duration of any workout in a plan!

Masters Plans

Masters Plans have been a long-requested feature, and I’m very excited for it to launch!

The plans feature just two intense days per week, with the rest of the plan being endurance riding.

By default, the intense days are Tuesday and Saturday, but you can switch that around in Plan Builder if you’d like.

Who’s it For?

We recommend the Masters plans for older athletes or anyone else who might have poor recovery.

This could be new parents, shift workers, athletes with high-stress jobs, or athletes with sleep issues.

Getting Started

Master’s training plans are available in the training plan section on both and in our apps. They are also available in plan builder.


Masters plans are not available for triathlon at this time.

For those already on a plan, you’ll get a popup notice at the beginning of your next training phase asking if you’d like to switch to Master’s plans.

If you can’t wait that long, you can switch your current phase on your calendar to a masters version. Just click the phase name in the upper right corner, then select the appropriate masters plan block in the dropdown.

Note: Be careful when you do this; due to our Base Plans changing from 6 to 4 weeks in length, you could potentially cut off a recovery week.

Sweet Spot General Base Update

We’ve made two specific updates to these base plans.

First, we’ve renamed “Sweet Spot Base” to “General Base .”Sweet Spot base wasn’t descriptive of what was encompassed in the plan, and led to confusion.

Second, we’ve changed the work-to-recovery ratio from 5:1 to 3:1. This means you’ll get a recovery week every fourth week in your general base plan.

Sunday Endurance

Sunday rides in both Masters Plans and our normal plans have switched from sweet spot rides to endurance rides.

This gives athletes less intensity and the opportunity to extend the duration of their Sunday aerobic ride if they’d like.

Custom Workout Duration

A couple weeks ago, we launched a new feature that I’d like to share.

You can now specify the duration of each workout in a plan.

That means you could have a “high volume” plan with 60-minute workouts.

Or a “low volume” plan with 2-hour rides every day.

This update gives athletes the flexibility to more easily fit training into their schedule.

That’s it! Head on over to to check out the new updates, or sign up today to start getting faster!

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