What it takes to win a World Cup STXC race, a deep dive on how the body cools itself, how cyclists should be using protein and BCAA, and much more in Episode 206 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast!

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Topics covered in this episode

  • (2:50) Chloe Woodruff’s World Cup STXC win!
  • (5:45) Advice for cyclists with diabetes
  • (10:20) How to pace an ultra-distance race
  • (15:40) Why more people should do low-volume plans
  • (21:35) Hacks and tips for fitting in training with a busy schedule
  • (31:00) Do topical skin products affect cooling?
  • (33:40) A deep dive on cooling
  • (44:05) Are baselayers effective?
  • (48:30) A deep dive on protein and BCAA for cyclists
  • (1:05:00) Understanding race prioritization
  • (1:11:55) Returning from a crash
  • (1:32:35) When should you use solid foods on the bike?
  • (1:40:10) How to be fast for an entire race series

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