Special guest and 4x Argentine National Champion Sofía Gomez Villafañe of the Stans Pivot Pro Team joins us for a preview of Nate & Sofía’s Cape Epic plans, a deep dive into DOMS, race strategy and more!

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Topics covered in this episode

  • 4x Argentine National Champion, Sofía Gomez Villafañe
  • Outside workouts are live!
  • Epic Rides Carson City Off-Road Preview
  • Nate and Sofía’s Cape Epic plan
  • Strength training benchmarks
  • How to build an MTB race strategy
  • How to get better at sustained power
  • How to drop somebody that’s faster than you
  • Is muscle pain proportional to training load or quality?
  • A deep dive on DOMS
  • How to feel okay with celebrating
  • How to gain “free” speed

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