Train Now constantly picking threshold workouts

I followed a low volume plan through the winter and since March I’ve been able to mix in outdoor rides as the weather improves, so electing to use train now vs. a structured plan. It seems nearly everytime it is picking a threshold workout. Now, I tend to not ride back to back days, and when I do it tends to suggest an endurance workout. Why am I getting so much threshold? This seems quite a bit different than using a low volume plan where workouts are much more varied in their blocks.

  • You essentially answered your own question.
  • Overly simple, TrainNow just looks at recent history and intensity, and tries to suggest a workout it thinks you can handle and may be beneficial.
  • Hard workout the day prior leads to an Endurance recommendation usually.
  • Easy ride or no ride prior tends to get one of the intense ones recommended.
  • Indeed. There is a notable difference between a workout picker (TrainNow) and following a training plan that has progression over time as a goal. Two very different approaches with different intent.

  • This is a general tool meant to provide some loose guidance, but as with any TR tool, can be overridden by the user to choose what they want to do. Feel free to mix it up and not necessarily follow the “Recommended” option. I’d at least consider it, but it’s not a rule to follow it either.

They published a number of articles about TN and ways they intend it to be used. Could be worth a look to frame the range they set.