Train now recommendations don't align with my AT program

I’m currently in SSB-1 and following the recommended workouts. When I access the “Train Now” button (out of curiosity), the recommended ride is usually a completely different type of ride than the ride for the day on the calendar. I realize these are different arms of the algorithm, but if the training plan is really adapting to my recent rides and performance, shouldn’t it be recommending me a ride that is close to the optimal ride for me that day? If Train Now thinks I should be doing an endurance ride, why is the AT training plan still have me set up for a Threshold workout that day? I have been following the workout plan pretty closely.

It doesn’t! TrainNow is meant to be used when you feel like you’d like to add a workout from one of those categories. It does use the context of the recent workouts and rides you’ve done (calculated in the form of Progression Levels as well) to automatically recommend workouts that align reasonably within those three different categories; Endurance, Climbing, and Attacking.

TrainNow isn’t periodized the way your plan is, meaning that it’s not necessarily progressive and doesn’t include rest days or recovery weeks. Its just meant to supplement your plan (or for athletes without plans to use) when you’d just like to add an extra workout by zone, without having to scroll through the thousands of workout options available to find something that fits!


Seems to me like you’re actually looking for alternatives. Those are workouts that target the same energy system as the scheduled training from the plan, but are different in PL and/or duration. Like Ivy said. TrainNow is for when you’re not doing a plan or want to easily add a extra ride outside of the plan.

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I think TNow looks at your past and predicts the best ride for you at the moment, whereas AT and Plan Builder looks at getting you into best shape at some time in the future (an A race). It selects the best combination of rides to do that not one off ones.

Thanks for the explanations, everything you all said makes total sense!

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