Any documentation on TrainNow logic?

Recently on the podcast Jonathan has really been advocating the TrainNow feature. I believe someone (Jonathan? Nate?) mentioned that TrainNow “looks at” recent workouts including outdoor workouts and, for example, if you’ve been hitting it hard your “recommended” workout will be endurance.

Has there been any detailed-ish documentation published detailing what, exactly, is “looked at” by TrainNow when it chooses what the “Recommended” workout will be?

It feels like every single time I pull it up, an endurance ride is “recommended” :laughing:

There is nothing “detailed” with only broad statements in any of the support or blog articles I have skimmed.

If you are getting Endurance recommended, I’d wager that you had a “hard” workout with notable intensity the day before?


Wow! This is a great set of resources. Really appreciate it!

I tend to second guess TrainNow because it generally always suggests a pretty easy endurance ride. Maybe I’ll put my ego on the back burner a bit and trust the “Recommended” workout.

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Just for reference, does the “hard day before” comment seem to align with your experience?

How and when have you tried to apply TN?

Yes, I tend to do a lot of high intensity workouts or big sweet spot sessions, and the only outdoor rides I’ve been doing lately have been mostly full gas, so pretty much every time I hit TN I’m coming off of something big-ish. As an experiment tonight I’m going to do the “achievable” endurance ride that TN recommended, after yesterday’s Threshold workout and prior to tomorrow’s Threshold workout.

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