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Author Archives: Maxine Philavong

Strength Training, KOM Training Guide, Training Fatigue and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 341

Is it possible to time your strength training in such a way that it doesn’t affect your cycling training? Coach Chad dives deep into interference-effect and if it is worthy of concern, as well as a guide to training plans for KOMs of different durations, how training fatigue and freshness can mask adaptations and much…

Muscle Cramps Deep Dive, Fitness Plateaus, Protein Guidelines and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 340

What role does glycogen availability play in cramping and what is the latest research showing us about why cramps happen? Orange Seal Off-Road Team’s Alex Wild will join us to dig into this as well as discussing fitness plateaus, endurance athlete guidelines for protein intake and more. Join us live for Episode 340 of the…

Pain Tolerance, Pro Athlete Fueling, Cyclocross and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 339

How much of your “race fitness” is due to improvements in capacity and how much of it comes from pain tolerance? We’ll cover this and how should average athletes and pro athletes fuel differently, get into cyclocross season and much more in Episode 339 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast! More show notes and…

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