Do oval rings affect power data, when fasted training actually effective, how to stop cramps and more in Episode 157 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast.

Topics covered in this episode

  • Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast Facebook Group
  • Carson City Off-Road Live Podcast
  • What we noticed at the Queen Stage of the Tour of California
  • Do oval rings affect power data?
  • How to balance work and training
  • Why you aren’t recovering as well as you think
  • Group ride etiquette
  • How to be smooth in a group of riders
  • Why gravel racing is so complex
  • Why do you need low gearing for gravel events?
  • When is fasted training actually effective?
  • How to maximize the effects of fasted training
  • How to beat a weight loss plateau
  • How to lose weight and increase power for cycling
  • How to stop cramps on the bike

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