Cycling training without a plan is like trying to pedal without a chain. Sure, you’ll work up a sweat, but you won’t get very far. It takes more than just any plan to get you where you want to go though. You need a plan that is built for you and your goals. 

Plan Builder is an automated planning tool that takes the guesswork out of planning and helps you achieve peak fitness in time for your goal event. It takes into account your current training volume, experience, and the demands of your goal event to create the optimal plan for you. Plan Builder accounts for your specific needs.

1. It’s for Every Cyclist.

Whether you race or not, Plan Builder is for any cyclist that wants to get faster. On-road or off, TrainerRoad’s training plans are designed specifically for the demands of your cycling discipline. If you are planning to race, it uses your goal events’ demands to design your training plan. If you are not a racer or not targeting a specific event, Plan Builder will structure your training towards your favored discipline.

A custom training plan, automatically built for your goals.

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Plan Builder ensures that you get the right type of training based on your and your goals. Because it accounts for your experience level and current training load, Plan Build is perfect for new and experienced cyclists alike. 

2. Plan Builder Removes the Complication.

Let’s face it. Science-based, structured training can be complex. How much aerobic base training do you need? What about Build and Speciality? More importantly, what do you do if you have more or less time than a traditional 28 weeks of training? Don’t worry. Plan Builder removes the guesswork. 

Using your training experience, Plan Builder adjust your training to help you reach peak fitness in time for your event—whether you have extra time or not enough. If you are newer to structured training, Plan Build will emphasize the Base Phase. If you have done a lot of interval training, more Build Phase training will make you faster. And if you have years of experience, more time in the Speciality Phase will ensure that you are race-ready.

3. It Adjusts When Your Events Change.

If recent events have taught us anything, it’s that life happens and plans change. Plan Builder can keep your training on track by automatically adjusting your schedule. You can delete or reschedule events and arrange your training to fit into a new life schedule. 

The process is easy. Changing low-priority, C events, will have little impact on your training plan. Editing higher-priority A and B events on your calendar will trigger Plan Builder to ask if you want to adjust your plan. This will make sure your hard work pays off, whatever life throws at you. 

4. Plan Builder Takes Care of the Details.

Plan Builder manages the details of your schedule, so you don’t have to. You can easily customize your training by choosing which days you’d like to train and which workouts you want to do indoors versus outdoors. It even includes a recovery week after your A event. 

You can also change your training volume for each training block in the Calendar. Just click on the training block annotation to switch between low-, mid-, and high-volume. 

5. You Can Plan For Long-Term Goals.

Sometimes, your goal is further out than just one season, or perhaps you want a long-term solution for gaining fitness. Plan Builder has you covered.

From the current date, Plan Builder can design your training for up to two years. Do you want to shoot for multiple A events? No problem. As long as your highest priority events are separated by eight weeks, your custom plan will have you ready.

Plan Builder takes your unique situation into account and creates the most effective plan for you. You can easily customize your plan even more once it’s built. Drag and drop workouts on the fly, change an inside workout to an outside workout, change plan volumes, and much more. Give Plan Builder a try. It’s the best way to create a personalized training plan for your cycling goals. 

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