You’ve signed up for your goal event, and it’s only four months away. You don’t have the time to complete the regular training plan of Base, Build, and Specialty Phases, but you want to be in peak fitness for your “A” race. Don’t worry, Plan Builder has you covered!

What Is Plan Builder?

Plan Builder is an automated planning tool that takes the guesswork out of planning and helps you achieve peak fitness in time for your goal event. It takes into account your current training volume, experience, and the demands of your goal event to create the optimal plan for you. Plan Builder will account for your specific needs.

What If I Don’t Have Enough Time For My Goal Event?

Plan Builder takes your time frame into account and will give you the training blueprint for success. Let’s take a look at three examples.

Ethan is currently training three hours per week and is new to interval training. His Olympic-distance triathlon is four months away.


Ethan will benefit most from earlier components of the Base, Build, Specialty training progression.

Jamie is training ten hours per week, has an advanced level of experience with interval training, and has a crit in five months.


With Jamie’s experience level, the most will be gained from Build Phase training, so we truncate the Base and Specialty Phases.

Leslie is training six hours per week and has expert level experience with interval training. She has an XCO race in five months. 


With Leslie’s experience level, preserving as much of the Specialty Phase as possible will lead to the best performance on race day, but the Build Phase is still very important. In this case, we heavily truncate the Base Phase and remove as little as possible from the Specialty Phase.

Take The Guesswork Out of Training

These are just a few examples of how Plan Builder takes into account rider experience in creating your plan. By incorporating your specific needs, Plan Builder creates the ideal training plan for you. Whether your event is coming up soon or further away, give Plan Builder a try.


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