Having more time until a goal event presents an excellent opportunity to take your fitness to the next level. But how can you structure that extra time for maximum benefit? Using Plan Builder takes out the guesswork and customizes your training plan, so you get the most from the surplus time.

What Is Plan Builder?

Plan Builder is personalized training designed to make you faster. It takes into account your current training volume, experience, and the demands of your goal event to create the optimal plan for you. To optimize your extra time, Plan Builder will customize the training phases based on your specific needs.

What If I Have Too Much Time For My Goal Event?

Plan Builder accounts for your timeframe making sure you make the most of the extra time. Let’s check out some examples.

Jordan is currently training 4 hours per week, new to interval training, and has a gravel race in 8 months. Jordan started training 2 weeks ago.

Being new to interval training, Jordan will benefit most from earlier components of the Base, Build, Specialty training progression. Having already begun training, Plan Builder adjusted the plan to include the work Jordan has already done.

Chloe is training 11 hours per week and has done a lot of interval training. She has a road race in 9 months.

Because of the extra time Chloe has, and her advanced level of experience with interval training, Chloe will complete the Base > Build progression twice before entering the Specialty Phase. This will bring her to new levels as an experienced athlete.

Avery is training 5 hours per week, is somewhat experienced with interval training, and has a cross-country marathon race in 10 months.

Avery’s intermediate experience level with interval training and 10 month timeline will allow a full Base > Build > Specialty progression before entering another Build > Specialty progression. This will allow Avery’s body to reset during the Specialty Phase and gain sufficient freshness to see more gains from the final Build Phase.

Carmen is training 6 hours per week, has multiple years of experience with interval training, and has a half-distance triathlon in 11 months.

Carmen’s expert experience level with interval training and very long timeline will allow her to go through two Base > Build > Specialty progressions. This scenario will help ensure Carmen’s progression is gradual over the entire year, and is a great way to reach unprecedented performance levels.

Personalized Training Designed Around You

These examples illustrate how Plan Builder maximizes extra time and can be backdated to include the training you’ve already completed. By adding training phases to your plan, Plan Builder will help you take your fitness to a higher level for your goal event. If you have additional time before your goal event, let Plan Builder build the perfect training plan for you. 


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