Attacking vs. tailgunning, how to transition from the trainer to race season, pre-workout supplements for cyclists and more.

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Topics covered in this episode

  • How Nate and Coach Jonathan used team tactics to win a criterium
  • A guide to Tailgunning
  • How to use a team to block breakaways
  • The controversial topic of relieving one’s self on the bike
  • The effects of mental stress on your performance on the bike
  • How long do the benefits of elevation training last?
  • Transitioning from the trainer to race season
  • The goal of brick workouts
  • How cyclists can use brick workouts
  • How your job affects your fitness
  • How to train if you don’t have any specific goals or races
  • Helmet choices for XC racing
  • How to train your one-minute power
  • Are pre-workout supplements good for cyclists?

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