Justin Williams from L39ION of Los Angeles joins the team to break down his career, sprint tactics, and more in Episode 263 of The Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast.

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Topics covered in this episode

  • Special Guest Justin Williams joins The Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast!
  • How to setup a leadout train
  • Can you teach people leadout skills?
  • How do you communicate as a team?
  • How to stay safe while fighting for position
  • WYR have 2000 watts peak power or 1500 watts for longer?
  • Do you do strength training?
  • Justin’s nutrition and training strategy for off season to in season
  • Justin’s breakdown on how to sprint
  • How Justin started his cycling career
  • How can we make cycling more inclusive?
  • Donate to the L39ion of Los Angeles
  • How do you find new riders for L39ion?
  • How to beat L39ion of Los Angeles
  • Would L39ion race Dirty Kanza?

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