Updates on how AI FTP Detection is triggered!

We just launched some updates to how AI FTP Detection is triggered into early access! Here’s an overview.

If you want to try it out, you can enable it here.


New, early access feature just offered:

Related, why AIFTPD is off in Specialty Phase:


Note: I may have found a bug already, because after setting the default to use AIFTPD for my existing Plan Builder plan, I seem to have lost all of my Weekly Tips. I emailed support about this to see if the two items are connected.

ETA: As noted by Nate below and duplicated via response to my service ticket, they removed Weekly Notes on purpose.

Would have been good for them to actually tell us about that change up front, so this is an example of a place to improve notification, @ZackeryWeimer & @Nate_Pearson


Neat. Not mentioned in the docs, but in case anyone’s wondering, when the ramp tests are removed from the calendar, they are replaced with a workout, just as if you had accepted an AI FTP result on the day of the ramp test (e.g. after I turned this on, I got Budawang +3 where my next ramp test was.)


If support asks, it looks like I’ve just lost my weekly tips as well.


So at the end of a build and the beginning of specialty, does ai ftp detection run? Or is only throughout the phase that it is turned off? I’ve been looking forward to running it next week after this build block

We’re going to drop weekly tips. Since we started with Adaptive Training, they don’t make sense since your plan adapts. We also found that <1% of athletes look at the weekly tips.


Feature… not a bug… got it :stuck_out_tongue:


First off, great name!

We’re still figuring this one out, and we could use the forum’s opinion.

Should we run it:

  1. Your last workout in Speciality (sometimes people don’t do this).
  2. Your next app/web open after specialty is over?
  3. The first time you load a workout after specialty is over?

I think #2 or #3. #1 is tough because you could give an athlete an FTP bump the night before their 40k TT, and they might try for a higher watt target.

It also doesn’t auto-run at the end of build. We want you to keep progressing your levels up. You’d most get at least one shot during build to update, but it’s nice to go into specialty with PLs that are a bit higher so you can focus on honing the blade.


Does running AI detection manually block auto detection from occurring for 28 days? Likewise, does an auto detection block a manual detection for 28 days?

Another thing to mention is that we’ve added the context header to your Calendar so you always have a reference of what week of your training plan you’re in:

This will also be getting added to the apps.


Does this include the triathlon plans, as the run and swim workouts are more static.

Yeah, I saw that a week or so ago along with the other items in that revised line. Nice little improvement and use of that “white space”.


We just added this to the support article - thank you!


Yeah, using AI FTP Detection sets the 28-day window however you trigger it.

That said, if you reach the top of your progression in the Specialty phase or fail a low-level workout, we’ll prompt you to adjust your FTP. These FTP adjustments are not AI FTP Detections and will not reset the 28-day timer to your next AI FTP Detection. Nate’s video has some visuals of what that looks like.


So this whole new functionality is tied to using a plan and does not work with train now or manually picking workouts?

And if I just manually pick workouts and do not use a plan could I just as a workaround add a plan and ignore the plans workouts and get the new function for my manually selected workouts?

And would these manually picked workouts needed to be added to the calendar by using workout alternates for workouts of the plan (which I don’t use)?

You can still use this new functionality without a plan! Actually, I think this release makes using AI FTP Detection more seamless for athletes using TrainNow.

After opting into Early Access (and updating your TrainerRoad app to the most recent version), you’ll get the updated post-workout experience. Including the AI FTP Detection updates. After finishing a workout, you’ll see the prompt to use AI FTP Detection when it’s available and the 28-day countdown if you’re in the window.


Yes, weekly tips for tri plans won’t be seen on your calendar, but this won’t affect the run and swim workouts.


How do races and unstructured rides fit into this? If I do a hard ride and I’m outside the 28 day window, will it prompt me to update my FTP, or does the prompt only appear after finishing a structured workout?

“Recovery Week”

I opted into the early access AI FTP, it said it had done the business and this is whats come up!