AIFTP Detection Countdown Clock Disappeared? Just Me?

Has the AIFTP Detection Countdown clock disappeared for anyone else? I know longer see it either on the web calendar or in the MacOS Beta app or the iOS app

Are you in the Specialty phase of a training plan?

  • That is one reason it might not be available, on purpose by TR.
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No - I’m just starting Traditional Base LV 1, which is why the lack of the countdown clock caught my attention. I just double checked, and I have AI FTP Detection enabled in Early Access in my account profile

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I thought it was gone for me, but it’s just aligned at the bottom of the page. It’s less noticeable, I think it used to be right under the button.

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Will you post a screen shot where you are seeing AIFTP Detection? I’m not seeing it anywhere

If you go into Account, “Detect my FTP”, and look at the bottom of the screen, you will see

If you go to the ramp test (Log In to TrainerRoad) , you’ll see it there.

Thanks for bringing this up, @AlphaDogCycling! It looks like you’ve opted into the Early Access updates to AI FTP Detection. For anyone else reading that hasn’t opted into the Early Access updates, the new functionality is outlined in this thread: Updates on how AI FTP Detection is triggered!

I think you’re talking about the AI FTP Detection countdown that shows after you complete a workout. You might’ve run into a bug on your most recent workout causing the post-workout countdown to not show. I’ll send you a DM to get a little bit more info.