Workout too easy for new user

Hi all, I have recently switched over to TR after 8 months in Zwift. I mostly rode routes and group rides/events on Z and didn’t like most of their training plans. As instructed, I took the ramp test and started a Base Phase Plan (Sweet Spot low volume). At 1.0 PL across all categories, the suggested workouts (productive / stretch) all seem easy, then I added a breakthrough endurance 1h workout and it was still too easy, even though I’m not a strong rider. I don’t think the ramp test result was incorrect, since it closely matched the FTP I got on Zwift. Should I continue until AI adapts? I’m just concerned that with a low volume plan, it might take several weeks before ML eventually learns. Should I skip the Base Phase and go onto Build Phase? My primary goal is to build FTP and endurance, with secondary goals of getting better in all other aspects as well.


Just an FYI a 1 hour endurance ride should feel easy. If you already have 8 months worth of riding in, I would think it would not be useful to do a base phase. Also, should you not just use your FTP from zwift?

Each category (eg endurance, tempo, sweet spot, etc…) has progression levels and as you move up the progression levels the workouts become harder. A progression level 2.0 is not the same as a 7.0. TR recommends once you are at a progression level of a 10 you likely will need to raise FTP. The training plan will raise the progression automatically for you based upon what you rate the intensity as at the end of a workout and how you perform during the workout (this is my understanding).

If you did not know TR has a really good podcast. It is called Ask a Cycling Coach. TR talks about progression levels and how they work. They also have AI (artificial intelligence) FTP detection that is very helpful.


Welcome to the platform!

I think patience is the way forward here, personally. Using the Workout Alternatives and selecting workouts that still fit the structure of the plan, but are “harder” will really help with this. The PLs will catch up, and letting the plan and the algorithm on the backend work on you a bit will be to your benefit. The plans TR lays out for a user are structured in such a way to try and build you into a strong athlete for your chosen event(s) and type of rider, and moving from one training phase to the other won’t “fix” your experience (since the experience is, in my opinion, exactly what it should be right now, especially since you are new to the platform).


Thank you!

Yeah… I don’t have much free time dedicated to training (hence low volumne plan) so I’ve heard I can best capitalize the little time I have on TR :frowning_face:

I likely overlooked it. I didn’t see a place to enter FTP, plus I haven’t done a ramp test in a while so it didn’t hurt to do one here. The fact that the result closely matched Zwift-estimate somewhat validates my current FTP.

Do you know if that is for all categories or over half the categories? Either way, I’ve heard it’s a good idea to conduct the ramp test regularly, so I might just do that.

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  • Available via the TR website on the following section:

  • I can’t screen shot it now, but a similar path is used to get to it in the actual TR apps.
  • If you follow TR plans, there will be regular assignment of Ramp Test roughly 4-6 weeks apart. The specific timing varies with plans, as well as any adjustments that happen in your scheduling if you used Plan Builder.

  • Additionally, since AIFTPD was mentioned, you can consider implementing the Early Access tool that automatically sets the default for you vs doing a Ramp Test.

  • Updates on how AI FTP Detection is triggered!


I wouldnt say the similar ramp tests validate your ftp, the calculations are probably very close so they will match. In other words they could both be off. Can you run an AI FTP?

Id keep it as is and let the AI sort it out. Mark workouts as easy and it should adjust quickly (although never done this myself as i always select higher level workouts if i know my PL is undercooked).

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Yeah, if you’re marking workouts as easy it’ll trigger AT to give your harder workouts at a much quicker pace. I’ve gone through this a few times and I usually hit the point of “no mas” in about two weeks. So when the workouts do get hard, make sure you’re marking that too.

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He likely wouldn’t be able to do this just yet. Unless TR lifted the requirement, NEW users have to do 10 TR inside workouts before AI FTPD will kick in.

@midshiptom as others have suggested, just let AT do it’s thing and answer those survey honestly (and substitute alternates if you’d like) and AT will get you where you need to be in a couple weeks or so.

It’s been a while since I had 1.0s across the board, but I do recall those first few weeks to be pretty easy as well… but it didn’t take long before AT was cooking me good! These days i rarely have an “easy” survey response (outside of endurance rides or recovery weeks).

Good luck and welcome to TR and the forums!


Hey there! Welcome to the TR community! :smiley:

We’d recommend sticking with the plan you have now and letting Adaptive Training adjust things as you work into it. At 1.0 PLs, your workouts will likely feel manageable for the moment. As long as you answer your post-workout surveys naturally and continue to progress through your workouts, though, AT will get you dialed in pretty quickly!

We also recommend sticking with each training phase in order – i.e., Base > Build > Specialty. The adaptations you’ll make during the Base phase will lay the foundation you’ll need for successful Build and Specialty phases.

Feel free to let me or TR Support know if you have any other questions!


To echo what has been said here… they’re aren’t any short cuts. Sometimes you need to start slow to go fast.

When you start a program you aren’t going to be doing the same workouts, the same duration and intensity as you will at the end. You build up to it. I am thinking of a HS cross country program… the summer is full of just running (endurance pace), some light tempo or fartlek, some strides and maybe some hill reps toward the end. Then when the season starts you have a descent fitness background, should not be fatigued and ready to get into some real training. The current levels might feel easy… and for the first bit that is ok. You can always adjust later as needed.

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A “breakthrough” endurance ride won’t feel that much harder than an “achievable” endurance ride.

Others have said just do your prescribed workouts, complete the survey, and let AI take the wheel. A week or two of rides that are maybe too easy won’t be a huge detriment.

As you get more familiar with the platform you’ll be able to experiment with rides. I’d mostly leave that until you’ve completed a couple of phases. But… I don’t think there’s a huge harm in trying a “stretch” or “breakthrough” non-endurance ride. Try it on your Tuesday or Thursday workout and see how you fair. You’ll find a much larger difference between a low level V02 Max vs a higher level than you will with endurance rides. Just don’t go crazy with it. AI will find your balance quickly.

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Just going to +3 on making sure you answer the survey question for each completed workout. If the workout was easy, mark it as such, and the plan will adapt accordingly. This might take a few workouts to happen.


I have far less experience than many here because I have not been on the program for a long time. What I can say is I felt the same way you did. I felt it was easy to start. Much like starting a 5x5 weightlifting program. Now that I am 2-3 months in, I can tell my fitness is definitely improving. Looking back to last year I was less recovered between rides which I think effected my training. Being more recovered all one to train harder on hard days. I wasn’t aware of this until getting through the first month. I do the low volume plan and try to add an extra day of outside riding every week. I feel much better and less taxed than last year, but I am progressing faster. I’m starting to get some workouts that take some focus to complete but all manageable. My suggestion is to give it some time and trust the system.

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Enjoy it while you can. When you start doing 3-minute intervals at 120%, you’ll wish you could come back to when it felt easy.

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Thank you for all the comments, suggestions, and encouragements. Now that I’m almost 2 weeks into TR, the workouts have picked up 1-2 notches. This is great stuff and I’m looking forward to some improvement!