Updates on how AI FTP Detection is triggered!

I’ve just changed my plan to use this new feature, after checking the calendar, it had put two workouts during my holiday period. I had to edit the holiday date, by moving it an extra day, then editing it back again, to get the plan correct. Just a heads up to check your calendars.

Also just noticed that after the holiday period it wouldn’t change from a ramp test to AI FTP, even though it was enabled for the whole plan. I just deleted the plan and re-entered it and all is correct now. :slight_smile:


So far, I like the idea of this change and I’ve enabled it on my account. But I have a question that’s more to start debate rather than to say that something is definitely wrong (especially since I’m a novice to structured training).

I get the logic behind why most specialties would want to work on progression levels instead of FTP increases, but I’m wondering if that applies to all of them. I’m on a low volume Gran Fondo plan (that I manually supplement with endurance and tempo) with a Century specialty and I’ll be doing a non-competitive event and other long rides. My assigned training in SS, Threshold, and VO2 are in zones that I will either try to avoid, or that I’ll want to limit time in rather than taking advantage of progression levels having maximized my time in zone. So, I think, knowing the most up to date FTP will be better.

While this isn’t my situation now, I would also think that people who are on a training plan without a goal event would likely benefit from FTP updates over higher progression levels (though that’s more of a thought I had).

Obviously, I can still manually trigger AIFTP during specialty, and I plan to (unless the forum changes my mind). But I’m wondering if defaulting to no FTP detection during specialty should be done in all situations. While probably a good change in many situations, is the change to sweeping?

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I think I have bug on my end. I was just curious in the last week of the polarized build, which has not had an FTP adjustment since the end of base (late February) and let it run after my V02 workout. It adapted all the levels down and assigned me another V02 workout with the adapted down level in addition to my completed one. I am just going to delete it, but thought I would throw it in here.

Maybe a dumb question?
I enabled the feature and now am wondering where this live AI ftp countdown is? Or does it only pop up after every workout I do? Or do I goto workouts> ramp test> Ai ftp detection?

I just did a workout and can confirm it pops up when the workout is finished. Along with the PL changes etc.


It can also be found under the Account section, under Account Information. To the right of your FTP, there’s a button for AI FTP Detection (where you can trigger it manually if available). If you click on that and it’s too early, the countdown is at the bottom.

I am curious how this will work for people doing outdoors workouts–if it will pop up when you do the survey or something when you get back home, or if you’ll have to seek it out.


I did the update and enabled the new AT, but I now have 2 workouts on each day. You can see the old plan, where the Ramp Test and Weekly Tips still appear.


Did the update and wish I hadn’t!!
It’s added workouts for most days from 1st November last year to now!! No matter whether I did a workout or not it’s added another…in the past.
Calendar is now a mess. Tried disabling it but it’s not having it!

I enabled the feature, it seems to be mostly OK, other than it added wo’s to my annotated days off but I just had to double click them (the annotations) and re save them to trigger more adaptions that removed the wo’s.

Same as many others here. I’m in a taper week before my A race. Made the change and a bunch of additional workouts have been added to the current week.

Update. Rebooting the app again fixed it. Refresh did not, but a full restart did. I only have 1 workout now.

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I vote for #2. The sooner I know of any changes to my FTP, the better.

Unlike the ramp test, which was a necessary evil, AIFTPD is a bit like a reward… I look forward to it. In fact, I suggest it’d be nice to put a note/star/something in the calendar on the date when the 28-day lockout will expire and I can get my next AIFTPD. Gives me something to look forward to and an incentive to train harder.

I keep a note on my calendar now to remind me of when I can trigger another AIFTPD. Yes, it’s superficial and shallow and gamified and childish. :grin: Who cares? It motivates me to work harder, and that’s all I care about.


Welp, I enabled the update, and after my workout this morning (Heston, marked ‘Hard’) my FTP was adjusted down by 2%.

I’m in the Climbing Road Race Specialty phase of a Low Volume plan, and admittedly have been struggling with the V02 max and Threshold workouts, marking nearly every one of them ‘Very Hard’. So not entirely a surprise. I was expecting before this update for AI to adjust down my progression levels at some point, but it kept cruising me along as if it expected me to struggle like this.

For context, my workouts progression levels were V02 Max 7.4, so not quite maxed out yet.

I’m telling myself that -2% today will let me grow more in the coming weeks… still a bummer, though, after training so hard to get that 2% bump in the Build phase!

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Take comfort. If you’ve been marking nearly every workout “very hard”, then your FTP really is set too high… and dropping it that 2% will let you recover better, reduce the risk of injury or overtraining, and let your body absorb the training better.

Your overall results over time will be better than if you had not reduced your FTP right now. Ask me how I know! :grin:


I also applied it and got some bugs - the “recovery week” header and the skipped workout on Monday was actually a vo2, not a threshold… Additionally, that threshold workout for tomorrow is a breakthrough one :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Finally got a chance to watch the video. Thanks @Nate_Pearson and TR Team. These updates are great! Love to see the improvements. I would have been thankful just for the new “Training Plan Name” line always on top and the ability to click into it, but the new AI stuff is great too. Congrats on the new launch.


Am I understanding correctly that the AI FTP will run more frequently than every 28 days if we are maxing out progression levels? After every FTP increase I am still able to peg sweet spot and threshold at level 10 within a week or two, and end up manually selecting my own workouts in those categories most of the time because the program just gives the same workouts on repeat after that. It would be awesome if there were some plan adjustment to take this into account.

Haven’t been on the bike lately, can’t wait to get back to training and give this a try.

I saw a glimpse of the “Let’s get you back on track” text in the video and think that is a great touch. Seeing your FTP drop or failing work outs is never fun, but that definitely is a positive way to put things back into perspective for someone.

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I have selected the new option and i got some new workouts also in the current week and past weeks. This week only 1 was pending and now i got 3 to do.

I am hoping a TR rep (@Nate_Pearson, @Jonathan, @ZackeryWeimer, @ming) will reply with comments about the extra workout issue. Seems widespread and worth of a comment that it’s at least being reviewed if not stating a solution as appropriate.