Weekly Tips Gone

Yup, Nate commented recently that they were only viewed by a tiny number of users. That along with the variability present in AT lead them to remove them entirely.


i miss them, but understand the problem…

There were tips

Damn I missed them. I did the long Z2 ride sub outdoors and usually just tried to match the IF and luckily have roads and gravel and even fire roads for trail access that make that a good option. I understand why they got rid of them though.

Shame they have gone, always liked them for the alternative long ride option at the weekend.

they were chad’s tips

They were removed before Chad left.

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That’s not why they are gone. I’ve used them for years and commented in the forum and to TR each time they were removed previously. TR reps confirmed the removal and reasons at those times.

I can search & link if absolutely necessary, but I firmly believe this is not a response to that staff change.


You don’t know when he left, you only know when the announcement was made.

We know he was on the podcast on March 30th and we know he was not on the podcast on April 20th, we also know from people checking that the active scrubbing was going on around the 20th. So while we done have a date we have a pretty clear window of time.

We also have posts here going back to 2021 discussing that with AT that the weekly tips no longer align, only a few hundred people maybe thousand ish had AT at the time and already saw it was flawed. Many others have started postes about it with comments from TR staff indicating that it was know to be an issue for the last 2 years.

This isn’t related to Chad.


Thank you x1000 for this research and comment. :+1:


Yeah, but we don’t know when that pod was actually recorded. We know when they *say * it was recorded but it could have been recorded weeks or months before that.




Years long hidden effort or time travel???

What happened to the weekly tips?

We are planning to remove the weekly tips as we get closer to launching Adaptive Training. Since Adaptive Training will frequently adjust workouts in each week of a training plan, the current weekly tips will no longer apply.

Great feedback! We don’t want to get rid of the concept of Weekly Tips for good even though they are going away for now, but we have some ideas that fall in line with the objectives you outlined above. :+1:

The most recent one must have been a false flag?

We’re going to drop weekly tips. Since we started with Adaptive Training, they don’t make sense since your plan adapts. We also found that <1% of athletes look at the weekly tips.

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The elusive… “Other, Other Chad:open_mouth:


Oh wait…now it makes sense. You are part of it, too, “Other” Chad…

We are on to you!!


It all started in November of 2015, when I joined TR as a “simple user”…


It is a little weird to me that they didn’t try to rework the tips. I didn’t look at them a lot, but whenever I did, I found them helpful. Seems possible to at least have done some general overview of the types of workouts on the calendar (“This week you’ll have a short interval VO2 workout, followed by some tortuous over/unders on Thursday…”). Best case scenario, you could have some metadata tied to each workout that gets pulled into the tips. Both would require some time, which I understand is limited. But dropping tips rather than reworking them makes me just a wee bit concerned that they’re stretched too thin on the much discussed and much delayed AT V2.0 or whatever it’s called.

Edit to add: I get that not a lot of people looked at them. But this is a sort of common “problem” with a lot of the educational stuff that TR has on the site? In the app, on the podcast, etc. resulting in more burnout than anyone would like.

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  • The WT’s were located in the main training plan definitions AND added as easily accessible annotations on the calendar (shown at the start of the week). That is about as “front & center” as any TR messaging, and it was basically ignored.

I used them a BUNCH, but I was clearly in the minority. I even made a few couple requests related to them that date way back.

This heads OT, but I do agree that TR has some work to do with getting info into the hands, eyes & minds of users.

  • BUT… they already have a wealth of info in the form of the official Support Site, as well as their blog. Both of which go largely unnoticed or used as well.
  • I access those and share links to them on a daily basis to answer repeat questions that are completely or partially addressed by those sources.
  • TR doesn’t have a single, simple, spoon-fed resource that I think is useful to a number of users. I think that is one avenue they need to dial in, but it will essentially just be a streamlined path to or mash-up of the many existing resources that people don’t know about or access without guidance.
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I used the tips occasionally, but tbh I’m just waiting for @Nate_Pearson to have them written by ChatGPT. Customized to your workouts and needs!

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