Declining FTP increase to do harder PL workouts; Pro’s vs Cons?

@AussieRider It depends a bit on where you’re at in your training and how close you are to your next event. Updating your FTP and recalibrating your PLs will generally prompt Adaptive Training to feed you productive workouts with the aim of increasing your FTP and PLs, whereas setting FTP aside for the time being will allow you to continue to work through higher-level workouts that often aim at sharpening your sword, if you will, in preparation for an event.

This is something that we’ve thought about quite a bit recently, which has sparked some of our most recent updates to AI FTP Detection in Early Access.

With this enabled, FTP detection is going to work in tandem with PLs and recognize when we want to have you focus on increasing PLs rather than adjusting your FTP.

While following a Plan Builder plan, we won’t run FTP detection during Specialty to allow you to grow your PLs to really specialize your fitness and work on that time in zone or repeatability.

During Base and Build, FTP detection is going to continue to monitor FTP changes, and PLs may adjust in response to those changes. This will make sure your FTP is being adjusted to keep your workouts scaled at the right difficulty. Then AT will continue to adapt your workouts to fine-tune your PLs inside of that FTP.