📣 New AI FTP Detection Updates! 📣

We’ve just shipped another round of updates to AI FTP Detection that aim to give you better training when you find yourself outside of the “bell curve” of standard athletes, and make using AI FTP Detection more convenient.

AI FTP Detection In Plan Settings

AI FTP Detection is now the default option when you schedule a new training plan. This means you don’t have to worry about upcoming tests on your calendar, allowing you to get in productive training instead. When it’s time to use AI FTP Detection, you’ll see the option after you complete a TrainerRoad workout.

Note: This isn’t mandatory. You still have the ability to select Ramp Tests and swap those for 2x8 or 1x20, or just manually enter your FTP as well, but making it the default option makes it easy for most athletes and less disruptive to your training plan.

You can replace Ramp Tests in pre-existing training plans by clicking your plan annotation on Calendar and selecting AI FTP Detection:

FTP Adjustments, Specialty Phase, and Level 9 Handling

• If you are in the Specialty Phase and complete a Level 9 Threshold, VO2max, or Anaerobic workout, you will get a suggestion to bump your FTP by 2%. This will keep your training focused on extending time in zone, increasing repeatability, or whatever other goal the Specialty Phase has for you. To avoid significant changes in your training leading into your goal event, AI FTP Detection doesn’t run during the Specialty Phase.

• If you are outside of the Specialty Phase and you complete a Level 9 Threshold, VO2max, or Anaerobic workout, you will be prompted to use AI FTP Detection (regardless of when you last used it). AI FTP Detection recognizes this as a sign that you’ve had significant improvement since your last FTP change, so it will make this happen to bring you back into a well-calibrated spot with your training.

• If you fail a Level 2 workout of any zone, you will get a suggestion to drop your FTP by 2%. Based on learnings from our data, if you find yourself in this situation, this change will make you 38% more likely to pass your next workout.

Whenever you get any of the prompts described above, you are welcome to accept or reject the suggestions, so you will have the opportunity to use this, but you won’t be obligated.

Remind Me Later

Sometimes you may not want to accept a result from AI FTP Detection on a specific day, and the new Remind Me Later feature makes it easy to do that while still getting to use it when you want in the future.

If you select the “Remind Me Later” option, you have the option of being reminded after your next workout, in 1 week, or in 2 weeks. No matter which option you select, you’ll see how long until your next AI FTP Detection after every workout. Once the day comes, you’ll see this reminder on your Career page:

Thanks to all involved in shipping these updates! AI FTP Detection is hugely popular and helps tons of athletes get faster, and we’ll continue improving it! :slight_smile:


Are you able to provide any details about how this aspect works, or if there are settings that need to be adjusted to indicate that a rider believes they’re outside of the “bell curve” of standard athletes?


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How can I turn this off?

I have a dedicated PC in the garage for TR, and I have a tiny and very fiddly wireless keyboard.

I am not interested in having TR tell me my FTP, and I don’t want to be reminded about this either.

After my workout today I could not choose that I don’t want to be reminded, but could only choose to be reminded at the most in two weeks.

Over the last few months you have kept adding all these prompts that makes is harder for me to use the platform, and I would really appreciate being able to turn these prompts off.

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  • If you mean turn off AIFTPD entirely, you can access that in your TR Account Settings, pic from the web for reference:

  • If you mean turning AIFTPD off within the scope of a Training Plan only, the second picture in the original post at the top shows how to access that from the plan menu on the Calendar.

Not sure about altering reminder settings if that is what you want.


Thank you Chad, that should hopefully do the trick.

I assume that when turning off AI FTP detection I should no longer get reminded about doing them. Fingers crossed.

Do you know how to turn off the ‘How did that workout feel’ multiple choice question that comes up after each workout?

Much appreciated.


  • Another sledgehammer, I think… where you have to turn off Adaptive Training entirely in order to NOT get the Post Workout Survey.

I am not aware of how to turn off just the survey. Since that survey is integral to Adaptive Training (the survey and workout performance are used to make pending changes to workouts in your plan when appropriate), I think it is an all-or-nothing selection based on the switch above.


Again, thank you so much Chad,

I did play with this setting already, so would be excellent if that works.

I have no need whatsoever for any of these. My coach gives me workouts in Traningpeaks, and I then import via workout creator into TrainerRoad.

I love the simplicity of this and just being able to do the number for a set period, but all this other stuff that has been added lately, is just downright annoying. So annoying in fact that when the AI-FTP thingy came along today I just had enough, and was ready to quit the platform…

Appreciate your help.


Thank you!


@ming Thank’s so much !
Corrado, Italy.

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I find it interesting what other people want out of TR.

I don’t have a coach; probably because of this, I really like adaptive training, AI FTP detection and I am quite happy to complete a pre or post survey.

Not making a value judgement here, it’s just interesting.


I get it… I mostly don’t use the features… I have a coach and she gives me all the Wo. Yet infind benefit in having the levels and auto ftp. She likes I have access to that. She gives the the Wo and I can immediately tell if the Wo will be a huge pain or a breeze… The level is very helpful if you give it a chance. If you are not going to use any of TR features, why even pay for the system? I get the system has a huge library of workouts, but if your coach is telling you what to do why bother with that? If i think most bike computers have ways to control the trainer with erg. So maybe that would be a better route…

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absolutely agree,

I can see how all of these features would be very useful, they just don’t fit in my programme.
Add in the tiny wireless keyboard that I have for my garage PC. I could press the esc key to skip the surveys, but then that stopped working, and I had to tick a box and click confirm to get rid of the survey. If I just left it, then TR would keep my PC running, screen on until the next time I used, in effect giving me no choice whatsover in answering the survey or not…

anyways, have turned it all off, so fingers crossed this will also be history.
Race day tomorrow, so will be into next week before I find out.

I do realise I could get most of this from my Garmin head unit, but I do like having the big screen in front of me with all the information on. sure most is available on Garmin, but much more fiddly and hard to get in one screen.

I tend to not use ERG mode unless I do cadence drills, but like to have control using the gears, and again this is an area where TR works really well as you can tune resistance and also effort targets using the arrow keys on the keyboard…


Zone 2 Brain Question. Does AI take any consideration to where you do the interval within the zone window it offers. Example I had over and unders yesterday. I tried really hard to do an Alex Wild and hold right at the top of the 20 watt window of each interval. I ended up averaging right in the middle of the zone due to small rollers and cattle gates closed.

Is this extra work going to push my ftp up faster?

It does not.

Probably not. May have some muscle endurance/fatigue resistance benefits as long as you can handle/recover from the load.

It would be cool if there was a model whereby you could load a plan to your calendar, estimate a given compliance % (maybe a historical figure based on training history) and get an FTP prediction with confidence intervals at the end of the plan. Then, you can add z2 rides and see how that changes the FTP prediction. And as you progress through your training plan, the FTP prediction narrows in on an ever more precise estimate until you get your official detection.


Just had a couple things happened that seemed a little weird. Wanted to flag them for the TR team.

So I’m in wk 33 of my training plan. My A event for the year is next week (week 34). Originally, my calendar had a ramp test / AI FTP scheduled for week 36. That all made sense given the indication that AI FTP is suppressed during the specialty phase.

This evening, right after I completed my workout, my calendar adaptations pushed a ramp test / AI FTP for today. I went ahead and accepted it. (I thought per the AI FTP update this wasn’t supposed to happen?)

Also – I’ve been training without a power meter for about four weeks and exclusively outside (basically using RPE). Curious how AI FTP can make an accurate determination without me feeding it enough, recent power data during my rides.

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TR more or less has that already. Just not for us mere mortals. In other words it’s an upcoming feature that they are working on. Nate has talked about it several times on the podcast and they have also used it there a couple of times to see what a listeners FTP would be some time further down a training plan.

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I know pressing the corresponding number for “how it felt” used to work as well. Have you tried that?
Otherwise, TAB and then (possibly up/down) then either SPACE or ENTER might be your best friend if the logic is built like that. I haven’t tried it personally, as I always climb off my bike and click the option once I’m truly done.

Sorry if it doesn’t help, just trying to see if there is a workaround you haven’t considered :slight_smile: