Training Block Interrupted, What to Do?

Hi Folks, sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, but need some advice.

i had to take about a week off in the middle of my training block (Sustained Power Build, MV) due to a wonky set of knees (that were poorly served by a sketchy Fat Bike setup).

So here’s what i am going to do:

  • I took the week off to heal up, skipping a whole week
  • I"m going to repeat the last full week i completed
  • I’ll then resume the program where i left off

Is this the right approach?

Thanks in advance

Generally it is conidered that you need the number of days you have missed to be used to get back in shape before picking up a plan again.
Having only a week out you may need to just put a few days of training before you are ready to restart your plan. I would agree with repeating the previous week though

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This is a perfect approach :+1: