Injury in Middle of Training Plan

So, I have been following a plan since October working towards C2C in a day in June (if it goes ahead). I have missed the last 3 weeks of the plan owing to injury and have undoubtedly lost some fitness and power (as I get nearer to 50 three weeks of inactivity has a big impact on me). My last FTP test showed a drop. Am I best to just try and pick up from the current week’s sessions or somehow reschedule so that I complete all the sessions I missed?

Many thanks

If you’re feeling fully recovered, restart the block (with a new test, because you’ve lost fitness). Don’t restart until you are completely recovered! Adding training stress and healing from an injury do not mix, your body doesn’t multitask that well.

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Thanks for the answers; really helpful.

Is there any way to move the pre-scheduled activities in the calendar, or do I just have to keep looking back 2 weeks?

Bump future weeks and then copy and paste the past weeks in to make them current. Details in the guide: Editing Your Calendar – TrainerRoad

Hope you are doing fine now. Terrible to be out the running. Your ftp is back before you know!

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