Back from Illness into last week of SSBMV2

Ok looking for a bit of advise here… I already read the suggested options TR gives here ( however I feel like the proposed option doesn’t suit my situation very well.

  • I missed 1 full week of training due to a cold. This was the last week of SSBMV2 and we all know how tough this one is.

  • The suggested approach TR gives when you miss 1 full week is pick up where you left. So feeling about 95% today I decided to do Spencer +2 but it was a bit too much for my current state and I had to quit after 45min.

  • Now I’m debating those 2 options…

  1. I do endurance rides for the rest of the week and then next week pick up where I left, redo the last week of SSBMV2 (including Spencer +2 again) followed by the recovery week and so on…
  2. I keep training but I revert back to the 2nd to last week of SSBMV2 that I did before getting sick and then follow the plan.

What would guys suggest?


You didn’t take a week off the bike; you were sick. Scroll down to High-Stress Interruptions, the bits under Returning to Training After Illness:

Whatever you decide, err on the side of caution for your first 1-2 weeks of training and don’t hesitate to pull the plug on a workout, or at least scale it downward, should you feel as though you’re doing more harm than good.

And when it comes to training with power, you have immediate, objective feedback that will tell you when you aren’t ready for the task at hand; if the numbers simply aren’t there, you aren’t ready. Consider a reduced workload or a few more days of easy mileage.

And if you truly feel healed, symptom-free and unfettered by the chains of illness yet the numbers still aren’t there, if you simply can’t perform the intervals as prescribed, then reassess your FTP using the Ramp Test. This is especially important if you derailed during a time of higher intensity like Build blocks and certainly during Race phases of training.

Spencer is a beast even when you’re feeling 110%. The last week of SSB2 is a culmination of all the work you did before. Getting sick has temporarily tanked your fitness and interrupted that progression. If it were me, I’d take it easy until I felt better, then hop into whatever the next block was going to be (starting with a new FTP test).


Thanks! I think your last paragraph confirms what I needed to hear ahah.

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Agreed 100% with what @ellotheth said!

A lot of people can’t stomach the thought of skipping Week 5 of SSB2.

But if you read the archives, you’ll notice that some people see big gains in SSB and none in Build. You’ll probably see the opposite, where you’ll make it up in Build. Net loss: zero.


Sure it was a cold? Most common symptoms testing positive for covid are runny nose and sore throat.

aha yes I actually took a COVID test because after 2-3 days I started to cough a little and lose smell but it was negative. Pheww