Best Way to Re-Start After Missing Weeks

Hey all,

I’m sure there are a lot of ways to do this but here is my question. I’ve been consistently on Plan Builder since January (except for 2-weeks in March) until now. Last week was the beginning of a Build phase and my knee acted up and I missed all the scheduled workouts. I travel this week, will be home for a week and then traveling again for a week. I am planning to leave the workouts in-place so they show “missed” on my calendar this week. Next week I was planning to just cherry-pick some endurance and SSB rides while home to test my knee. After traveling the following week, I am inclined to re-crunch Plan Builder from the beginning of my Year (Jan '20) and see what it puts together.

I know this is a bit of a complex question. If my knee feels better I’d plan on loading up as munch TSS as I can while home between short trips.

Thanks for any and all advice. I know this is a common question and may have been addressed in numerous podcasts (which I’m caught up on). I’ll go digging there next but was curious what thoughts the community had.



General advice after a shortish unscheduled break is to repeat the week before the break. That’s a good sense check that you’re back to roughly where you were before you increase the work again. If not repeating the whole week then what I’ve done in the past is to at least repeat a couple of the key workouts to check that everything feels OK, with maybe some easier/shorter workouts on other days to ease my way back into training again. Particularly if the cause of the break was injury or illness and I want to be sure I’m fully recovered.

The recovery bit is individual to every situation though. Obviously counterproductive trying to get back into full on training if it’s going to aggravate your knee again, and/or if you’re carrying a load of extra fatigue or stress from work trips. In that case “loading up as much TSS as you can” would be a recipe for disaster! If in doubt I always reckon it’s better to err on the side of the caution, in the long run getting yourself fully healthy always works out better than pushing too hard too soon and getting sick or injured again. Especially at this time of year and with covid situation meaning I’m guessing you don’t have any A races coming up any time soon.

Thanks. 1-week turned into essentially 3+ weeks as I am dealing with an irritated knee. Biking seems to not make it worse and I am just restarting today with a new FTP test to begin SSBLV. Thanks!!!