Big break mid-plan

Hi all

Sorry for another “what shall I do” thread but I’m not sure how to proceed.

Mid way through SPBLV i got sick after failing a couple of workouts. That sickness, followed by a holiday has meant that I haven’t done any structured training for 5 weeks. I have, however, done some low intensity commutes, 1 10 mile TT and 1 cyclocross race in which my form was good.

Should I restart build phase or just carry on? I don’t have any A races this year, just the cyclocross season in general.

TR happen to have an article to cover this…


Thanks for the link.

For anyone who may be interested, for high stress interruptions such as illness the link recommends:

Miss Over a Week

If you miss over a week of training, your fitness will start to backslide. Once you’ve missed over a week, a good rule of thumb is that you lose fitness about as quickly as you gain fitness. So if you miss two weeks of training, you should step backward in your plan by two weeks.

Because I’ve missed 5 weeks I’ve decided to just restart the build phase. I did the ramp test last night and had lost 30w of my ftp (down from 285 to 255) so I’m glad I didn’t continue mid build. However, I’m hoping that I should be able to recover that lost power within a few weeks.