Rest & Recovery, Motorpacing, Short Zone 2 Workouts & More – Ask a Cycling Coach 196

Join us live for Episode 196 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast! We’ll be doing a deep dive on rest and recovery for athletes, getting into the specifics of motorpacing and why it is a good training tool, and why short Zone 2 workouts are more valuable than you think. Join us this Friday at 8:00am Pacific on Facebook and YouTube.

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Live Notes

Yeti Rambler 1 gallon jug:

Feedback sports bike stand:

Rain Bag by SciCon:

Zipp Triathlon Bag:

Zone 2 Forum Post:

Amy’s Lentil and Vegetible Soup:


Are short Zone 2 workouts important or just filler?

This is a response to quite active thread on forum here:

It was very briefly discussed in episode 55, starting at 23:09.


Hiya! Thanks for the podcast. Any chance that you can post your travel list, @Nate_Pearson ? Would be great for a beginner racer. Cheers!

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@Nate_Pearson pretty annoying knocking sound on the podcast. I’m using Podbean.


Similar sound using PocketCasts. Actually drove me here to see if there was a similar comment!


Yep same on apple podcast app :confused:


whats the suggested primer workout to do before an assessment?

Same tapping on both google and spotify podcasts. Does not show up in youtube replay though.

How / where did you get your bag personalised @Nate_Pearson?

+1 on that ticking noise. Driving me crazy. Any way to re-upload that podcast with a clean audio file?


Clicking present on the Soundcloud version as well :frowning:

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Had the ticking sound now the whole podcast is gone… I take it a new upload is inbound?

Clicking is fixed. Thanks!

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That was a very affirming listen. Thanks!

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For Race bags check out theILE Race Day bag. It’s a little pricey but I’ve never had a better bag for bike stuff.


@Nate_Pearson is looking pretty diesel these days. Did you get a pump in right before the podcast?

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Yeah I guess I could spend $150 on that…or spend $20 on this:

The lens distortion makes Chad and I look bigger than we are. But I have been trying to work on my upper body as it was a limiter for me in mountain biking.

I actually don’t do a list. I find I spend so much time making the list…then every race is a tiny bit different.

I always think toes to head about what I’m bringing, so:

  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Shoe covers
  • Leg warmers
  • etc

SciCon will put your name on it.